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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

one body…one life….how you livin' it??

You can't walk into Target and get a new "earth suit" when you've worn out the knees in yours.  You better be sure you won't "beat the band" in that size 4 dress you've been eyeing in Mr. Big Department Store if you've been pounding Little Debbies since Easter….you know that's right!

Are you eating healthy?
Do you feel good in your skin?
We get only one body, you know.
one body…one life
what will you do with it?

Conviction knocks at my door with a gentle, yet constant reminder; you are responsible for this body God has given to you.

Have you watched the movies "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" or "Forks Over Knives"?  Well I have and you'd think that would have arrested me to the point of change.  Fact: I must make a shift.   From fast food and sweets to veggies and health food.  I MUST start thinking of every morsel of food and drink I allow past my lips. (aside from s'mores … they're exempt from any dietary plan I concoct because they're an American Outdoor Adventuring staple….don't mess with my s'more action, y'all )  

Here I go again…..down a rabbit trail tossing popcorn.   I could stay here for pages but I digress.

The real reason I wanted you to come by today was to
share with you a special local gem called Cross Plants and Produce.  If you're not from around the Buda/Kyle, Texas area be sure to do some research to find a local market near you.  This here is a little plug for my local peeps, yet it may inspire you too, my dear far away friends, to eat healthier and think about what your teeth are chomping.

 Moonshine Sweet Tea before and it is mouth-watering goodness.
comes in a concentrate, easy to store…try some when you go.
Maybe Jennifer will leave a comment with some highlights that she'd like to stand out.
 I probably could've asked more questions, maybe snagged a quote but this was a LONG garage sale day with the tiniest bit of sleep the night before and I had just woken up from a nap…..I was still shaking off the sleepy dust when we walked into this paradise!!!!

 the sweetest, juiciest peaches you ever did taste.  they just fall off the pit!  literally, they pick the peaches off the tree then drive them to Cross Plants and Produce…..that's FRESH!!!!!
treat your body RIGHT with hormone free, steroid free, antibiotic free and humanely raised meats 

also featuring a fabulous mixed media artist who specializes in glitz and glam.
Jamie Ray of Mosaics Daisy Design
she makes all the magnets, blinged out bird houses, long horn wall art
and many beautiful sparkly crosses.
each one telling a unique story and no two alike.

 Our experience at this quaint little stop on the side of the highway was memorable, to say the least.  I'm all about the experience…..the atmosphere.  Start to finish.  Walk in to check out.  Do I love it?  Do they sell what I want to buy?  Were they kind and helpful?  Will I come back?  Will I tell my friends?
Jennifer and her husband Nathan started this place and have put a lot of love and hard work so folks like us
have an amazing shopping experience and the best quality food to purchase.   

The answer to all my questions was yes across the board so I had to share it….them…..with you.
Introducing our local hot spot for healthy stuff to put in your only body: Cross Plants and Produce right off Hwy 35 in Kyle, TX.  Just feast your eyes.  I won't pretend I did this place justice with my pictures….it was a lot to take in on my first visit….sleepy-head style.  Had I actually sampled the coffee I might've been able to see more clearly and taken more mouth-watering shots.

Snag some pretty plants or flowers while you're here.  This is where we bought all our garden plants, soil and mulch (ALL organic).
Your little red wagon, along some super helpful shop owners, await your arrival:)  

 Side note: for those of your who like meat but haven't watched the above mentioned movies, therefore have not yet been rocked to the core of their being, please note the pictures below (sort of a summary).

now find those movies on Netflix, pop some popcorn and curl up next to your sweetie (or your cat)……or a blanket.

You're welcome.  I love you.
Blu Wyatt 

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