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Monday, July 20, 2015

Here's to your health

You should know, the acupuncture clinic is coming along quite well.  She grabbed the keys Friday morning...a mere 5 days after beginning her search for a new clinic location....a miracle story I'll leave for her to tell because we all like hearing a good miracle story, eh?.. 

Meet Noa. (And Jess peeking out)
 A special gal...with a flair for fun.

We celebrated this new adventure with some Malbec and Ruthie Foster ON a ladder!!! Seriously hysterical 

By midnight Friday the clinic was nearly finished.  We out our all into creating the most relaxing, healing environment possible for her patients. 

Noa is truly a light in the darkness, the salt of the earth, highly blessed and abundantly favored.  I know as Buda gets to know this gem of a lady they will see what the rest of us see....passion and compassion.

Book online for a diagnostic and treatment.  www.ZoiAcupuncture.com 
You're sure to leave with some herbs and a whole lot of relaxation oozing from your muscles.  Just thinking out loud. 

Ciao and hugs,

Blu Wyatt

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