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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Staring 40 in the face

Fear has no hold on me.

I’m looking into this year with great expectancy and anticipation.  More so than any other year in my life.   In this moment of clarity, bravery is my close companion.  Will there be days ahead of insecurities or doubt?  Most likely, but I will face those days with patience and prayer…and a sound mind.   I want to live in each moment fully and optimistically; purposefully making lasting memories.  I wish to decorate each chapter as best I can using what God has graciously and abundantly gifted me.   In doing so I believe some good people will be encouraged to see the beauty in everyday simplicities and ultimately learn to Live Decorated in their own special way.   We’re all on this planet for a purpose and each of us should utilize our gifts to lift each other up and make a difference in the lives of those around us.    

One evening my 7 year old son told me (while cleaning his room) “Mom, you always like everything perfect!”  Yes, and what’s the problem?!   My life motto is Live Decorated so why wouldn’t I want my world beautiful and tidy?  Rest assured, I may strive for perfection but we all know its the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….it doesn’t exist.  My Instagram feed may present reality in a different, more organized fashion.   More often than not its blowing up with funky angle shots and brightening filters, all in a vain attempt to paint this life a little more wondrous shade of happy.  What you don’t see is behind the camera…the pile of dirty dishes (who’s turn is it to wash anyway),  the lego mess in the living room (OUCH!!!), the unmade bed (no way, Jose) and curtains over-puddling (I must fix that!)  There’s always a different reality behind the pretty picture but painting it my own unique way is one of the ways I choose to decorate life.  

Reality: My love of beauty colors every moment.  Take a dose of peace and bring to a boil, mix in giggles and season with gold glitter; my idea of perfect.  However, its time to jump off that “perfect” bandwagon and enter into the best possible version of this life I can muster.  One day, one moment at a time.  Let’s join together in finding what joy we can in each moment.

A decorated bunny trail:  In a valiant attempt to sprinkle our New Year with fresh adventures today we sought out a precious tiny town one room theater playing the new StarWars show.   The adorable, young hipster couple who bought the places a mere 9 weeks earlier were over the moon with their new endeavor.  They even had a drawing for free popcorn and offered to feature our winter pictures on the big screen in months to come.   We loved every second of our interaction with that old building and her quirky owners.  15 people in the theater, poor sound quality, squeaky chairs, shared laughter….now that’s my living decorated.  Life really can be the adventure you thought it to be when you were 7.  

Hope arose in me the other day as I googled some remarkable things God did with the number 40.   Stay tuned for more insight on that one.  

Bottom Line: The future is shining.  Now is the season.  The season to arise from our slumber and shake ourselves awake.  May we all be positioned and tuned in for The Blessing that lay just around the bend.  
Live Free
Live BIG
Live Decorated

peace and butterfly kisses,
                                                                        Blu Wyatt

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