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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Adventures in Texas :: summertime

How could I possibly bring you on this wild journey with me?   It's an adventure in living.....also known as living decorated:) follow me on a photographic trek through June.
My usual morning run to Stagecoach Park.

We've been on the six-week journey all over the state of Texas from the north to the very tip.  I completely staged my sister's home in San Antonio,
repainted and refinished a table and 4 chairs

(and a few other pieces of furniture),

created multiple pieces of art, and had an art show in Austin .

..saw the devastating flooding in Houston, went to the coast,
found a private beach near South Padre,
got my blonde back and even ate at Galaxy!  I'm only whining that I didn't have sushi:( pout face.

But the real adventure, the really venture comes from the people that you meet and get to know and live life with. I've been blessed with many amazing, gifted, talented, beautiful people in my life!  This is just a shout out to those people :: I will miss you greatly.
Vintage, Noa, Rowena and countless others come to mind.  But in all honesty I'm really excited to go home. Iowa. Man, that has a good ring to it.  My giant garden, my adorable kitties and my endearing grandad need some attention after weeks of neglect.  

So here I embark on a new adventure....homeward and onward we go.  Please come to Iowa with me.  I promise to write more and second guess less. 

Love n glitter,

Blu Wyatt ....here's a few more memories 

Good day darling...

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