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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One word for 2017...what's yours?

We’re one month into 2017 already and I’m curious as to what you’re experiencing so far.  If you were to give 2017 ONE word what would it be?  Check out the post from the beginning of the month.  As a refresher: Mine is FREEDOM!  Freedom from insecurities that have had me bound up for most of my life.  Freedom from fear of other people’s opinions of me. Freedom from doubt and unbelief.  Freedom to be the woman God has created me to be. What’s your word?

Words contain so much power.
If used the right way we can paint the canvas of our lives with bright vibrant colors or we can use black and gray only just by the words we speak.  Are you speaking life, hope, love, optimism or doom and gloom, pain, fear, and despair?  

What about the people you choose to surround yourself with?  What are they speaking over themselves?  over you?  Will you permit negative people to speak into your life or will you silence the naysayers?  

I read on a bottle of Synergy KambuCha tea once “The world is only as colorful as the paint you allow on your palette.”  I thought this to be profoundly true.  I’ll take it one step further and say your world is only as colorful as the words you choose to speak over yourself.  

Self-talk is a big one.  You know this because I’ve said it a hundred times.  What are you speaking over yourself?  
In my case, I’m not as guilty anymore about speaking negative things over me as I am about staying silent.  I don’t often speak out the positive things I’m wanting to experience in life.  For example: I want to be speaking: I am full of confidence.  I speak with wisdom and kindness.  I am a force for good…a force for God.  I am alive and full of energy.  I attract God inspired ideas.  I spread love everywhere I go.  

Do I say these things everyday?  Unfortunately, no.  Do I say them once a week?  Embarrassingly, no.  So when I talk to you about increasing your self-talk I’m also preaching to myself here.  We can excel in this….in life….in love....through words.  

I pray that this year exceeds all your expectations and hopes.  Dream big.  Help people around you.  Keep your eyes focused straight ahead and don’t be moved by negative things that come your way.  Your future is BRIGHT no matter what it looks like right now...but you've gotta start with the right attitude:)  

It’s gonna be a great year…I can feel it in my bones.  Check out the YouTube video here.
God Bless and talk soon,


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