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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What are you feeding?

faith or doubt? future or past?
Whatever you starve has no opportunity to grow.  Without food something surely dies.  What are you spending your energy on?  That’s what will grow and flourish.
My past is littered with pain, constant change, failures and on the other hand, major adventures and travel.  As you may already know, I was diagnosed with
PTSD from things I experienced in my past.  I could easily sit and dwell on the pain, the loss, the trauma of my past.  On the other hand I can dwell on the awesome, indescribable adventures I’ve experienced traveling the globe, public speaking, meeting loads of super cool folks from every walk of life.  I could stay in the pain of the past or even the glamorous
experiences and memories.  Where does that leave me?  You see even while I was traveling the world, selling fine art and speaking in front of crowds I was still battling the highs and lows of bipolar depression.  So no matter how you slice it the past is just that…..PASSED.  

On the other hand, I could think on the beauty in my life right now.  The family I have, the fabulous farm I live on, the new friends I’ve made here in Iowa.  I could even think on the amazing future I see God laying out before me.  Which would you choose?  

I recently had a mini revelation.  No matter how glorious parts of my history seem to be, the future is far brighter.  The best is truly yet to come.  I can no longer look back with fond admiration at the adventurous woman I used to be and realize that woman still exists.  I’ve just been held back by responsibility, depression, fear, insecurities and on and on…..no more, friends.  The times are shifting.  God is giving me a fresh vision of things to come.

I can’t wait to share with you some big things God is doing in us and through us.  Change is always exciting for me….I kinda thrive on it…..so this next chapter is sure to be magnificent…beyond words.  It just goes to show, God made each of us so uniquely that He has such diverse plans for each of our lives.  Dwelling on the past, whether it was your high school glory days or pain and disappointment, is utterly unhealthy.  

Stop giving energy to your past or even negative feelings about your present.  Seriously.   Feed your here and now and that bright future up ahead with thoughts and words filled with hope and expectation.  No matter what you’re facing right now, know that God has a better plan for your life.  It’s truly amazing.  My socks are literally knocked off with the future He’s setting before me.  I could burst with joy!!!!

I’d love for you to join me for this adventure….and hopefully soon I’ll be able to reveal some big news.  For now, we’re sitting with it, praying through it and making dog gone sure that we hear from God.  Cause without God things can surely blow up in our faces. Prayer works!!!!!

So decide what you’re going to feed right now.  Are you going to hold onto that bad report, the job loss, the guilt, shame, hurt?  Or are you going to focus your attention and energy on the hope that lies ahead.  The good news.  The endless possibilities.  

Next question: How do you feed it?  Your thoughts….WORDS….and even actions.  I encourage you to read my last post on transition.  In all honesty, I had no idea when I wrote it what level of transition I would be moving into.

One more thing, I’d love if you’d share with us here what are some things you plan on letting go of and what you’re going to spend your time and attention on moving forward.  

Thanks and May The Most Amazing Blessings Come To YOU!!!!

Blu Wyatt 

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