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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

a little freak out...no big deal...help!

The rain pours down.  The sky is dark.  The house is quiet.  The kids are at school.  The to-do list is dwindling….that is if you don’t count EVERYTHING I have to do to prepare for this journey ahead.  

I’m curious.  What would you do…if you felt the nudge to leave it all behind and venture into a new realm of the unknown?  Would you take the leap? Would you
trust? Would you freak out?  Would you want to hide in a corner and bawl your eyes out?  Or scream into a pillow?  I mean, be honest!

This is me…. and here I am.  My family and I are answering the call.  To leave life as we know it, all our things, our friends & family, our security of home, our sweet farm life….to venture into a BIG unknown.  So, yeah, maybe I’m freakin’ out a bit.  Maybe, just maybe, I’m fighting fear and doubts.  Maybe I’m thrilled.  Maybe I find myself in tears on a whim.  But one thing is for sure…
not in a cheesy, inauthentic way.
In a real….He has to come through…my life is on the line kind of way.

He’s gonna get me … us … through this with shining colors and sparkly glitter.  Ok, He didn’t exactly promise the glitter but He did tell us to go….so He’s gonna take care of all the details.  I honestly can’t see how…but I know something is going to break through and we will leave the end of July victoriously.  

The date has not been etched in stone yet and there is not a clue where we land first.  AHHH#*&&%***!@!!!>>>@#  
Why are we doing this?  Because we had an idea…an exciting idea…that idea turned into a loose plan…that loose plan was confirmed by God to be our future and now here we stand.  

A little back track here: Did I tell you one of the ways He confirmed this to us?  During a woman’s retreat they were handing out swag bags.  Inside each one was a whole bunch of goodies including a necklace.  Everyone’s necklace had a different word on it…peace, love, hope, dream, faith, joy….but mine, now mine jumped out at me…mine read none other than…..JOURNEY!  I guess I should let you in on the fact that the few days leading up to this event I was doubting big time.  I mean fear was all over me.  Question were banging around in my mind, like:
Are we doing the right thing?  
Did we really hear from God?  
Are we really crazy?  
How is this going to happen?  
We can’t afford this.  

When I read the scripture verse that came attached to the necklace “Go in peace, your journey has the Lord’s approval” I wept.  I mean COME ON!!!!  Could He be any more clear than that?  I’ve always had the travel bug in my veins and you know my addiction for adventure, right?!   It’s as if God is handing me my greatest dream and grinning down on me saying “I got you, girl.”  

I’m tossing fear out the window….I’m smashing doubt under my feet … I'm taking up the banner of faith…I’m answering the call (it is NOT the wrong number, people).  Anything is possible if we’re truly following God’s plan, right!?  Peace…rest on us.

May I give you a little word of encouragement?  Well, I am, because we all need it.  If you have a dream...a strong desire down deep in your soul.  DON'T give up on it.  No matter how impossible it seems.  Those are the best dreams...the ones that you can't accomplish on your own.  You have to rely on the God who so thoughtfully created you and put those desires in place.  Embrace it.  Don't fear.

Ask God what step you can take today.
One little step.

Be bold.  Don't shy away from adversity.  Failure is part of the process so get back up when you fall and keep truckin'.  Be YOU.....unashamed.  

oh and.....I’ve thrown pride down in the ditch during this process so I must mention again  —  if you know anyone wanting to donate or loan out their awesome RV…please share this and send them our way.  Anything is possible and I will NOT give up hope.  It is out there and it’s coming.  Oh, yeah — as well as a place to stay for….say…..a YEAR!!!  Prayers are always welcome and appreciated:)  (in case you missed the announcement video...here you have it)

love and joy,

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