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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Perfectly orchestrated...yet, facing impossibilities

In all honesty, and shockingly so, my life feels pretty. perfectly. orchestrated. at the moment.  Don’t get me wrong there are obstacles.  
Impossible Looking Roadblocks, more like.

However, in all of our imperfect circumstances and stupid insecurities and among all the questioning and doubt, I find myself … grateful in this moment….excited about my future.
Even the failures and mishaps I'm experiencing I KNOW are training and preparing me for what’s ahead.   The future is bright.  I will not be distracted or dissuaded.  No matter how big that mountain seems to be.

Now is the time. The moment to be real.  The moment to LIVE, truly L.I.V.E.  with no regrets ... no shame ... no limitations.   The moment to TRUST.  The moment to be still and listen….then DO.  There is a process and I’m (hopefully) coming toward the end of my transition phase.

More than ANYTHING in this world I want to live my BEST life.  
To grow and learn.  (growth is painful and dude the learning curve is steep)
To love and to be.  (in all truth this is the TOUGH one)
To accept and to fight.   (to chill and stir up my inner warrior)
To be silent and to speak out.  (I can do both!  really)

I want the same for your life too.  (Ok, not the roadblocks.)  
You can live out your dreams.  No matter how grand.
You can have peace.  We all need it.
step out in faith….get out of your comfort zone.
Let's all rise up together.  
Support each other.  
Lift up.  

We have a unique power.  A power to change the world around us.  (Actually, I’m still in the middle of finding my super power but I’ll share it as soon as it comes.)  
I’d like to be a carrier of light into the darkness.  
Deliver a message of hope and love.  
Splashing about in waves of joy.   
Glittering the world with grace.   

Join us….me and the family in believing that a miracle will happen between now and the time we leave... in July…..ok a FEW miracles…the big one being: we need a motorhome … in a miraculous way.  If you want to share this with someone who may want to send us one that would be fantastic…..forward on.   Don’t be shy!

Also, we need direction each step of this process.  
Where to go?  
How long to stay?  
Where next?  
What do we do in each town?  
How do I road school the boys?  This is no doubt my biggest challenge in this game.

This is my BIG faith project … LIFE!!!!   Earlier when I said I feel like my life is perfectly orchestrated?  It’s because I am trusting BIG in a God that has NO LIMITS!!!!   I’m not going to focus on my shortcomings or the impossibilities that we face.  I’m keeping my sights set on the One who is taking me through!

Would you believe Him for something great?  Something impossible if He doesn’t intervene?
Start now…..He is only limited by our mindset.  

Love and hugs until we speak again; let’s continue growing and testing boundaries.  I hope you’ll subscribe here and on our YouTube channel.  


Blu Wyatt:))) 

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