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Saturday, May 27, 2017

My LAST 10 minutes!!!

Friday morning.
homemade apple pie. 
in the oven.

the smell is making its way up the stairs to my bedroom.  Tonight's big family BBQ looks like it could get rained out but I'm holding out hope and making pie in faith.

I set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes. This represents the LAST 10 minutes of freedom ....for ....about .....15 months.  I will then pickup my boys from the "bus stop" ... you gotta see the video to experience our bus stop farm style ....
This marks the end of my transition period.

Summer break 
Followed by a year on the road....("Road Schooling" as they call it)  Traveling the outskirts of the US in hopes of finding our new home ... most likely on the southeast coast somewhere fabulous. 

Am I scared?  Not as much as I am excited …. well in all honesty, I’m nervous.  I have to teach these kids…..a LOT.  I’m their new teacher on this giant road trip adventure ahead.  Me!  A teacher!  THE teacher!!!!!

Everything falls on me
Am I teaching them to love...to get along...to respect each other? 
How about discipline? Am I letting them get away with too much? Am I too strict?  Am I teaching the right lessons?
Do they use manners?
Am I being a good role model....keeping my cool?
Oh and don't forget about math, English and science!!?!! 
I'm NOT freaking out!! I mean just because their fate lies in my hands?? Right?!!!

Oh, let's not be mistaken, I AM NOT capable of doing this on my own!
It's over my head...
too much pressure...
too many factors I can't control...
but then....there's God.
You know what I mean, right?  God holds it all...I'm His.  These boys are most certainly His so I'm just allowing trust to fill my soul and propel me forward. 

Now darling...back to that sweet apple pie: Funny thing is that the pie represents all things good to come.  It is coming…the sweetness of life, I mean. 
The end of one phase, the start of a new.  

In 4 minutes I'll remove the pie from the oven .... place it on a cooling rack. ((( A cooling rack that I have to give away….or sell.  A pie server ... giant knives for cutting food type items...mixing bowls…they must also find a new home. )))  Oh, the thoughts that flood my mind.  Renting a storage unit would've been easier but this way enhances the wild side of this adventure. 

my last 3 minutes of freedom ...  I must be present.  Present in every moment and intentionally bringing God into each situation and thought ....allowing Him to infuse His grace…..not to mention favor.  


In moments…I will assume the role of full-time mama...oh please pray. Please pray for me … please pray for peace and patience...for guidance and protection. 

I will certainly miss this amazing farm life...this house...the mowing...the climbing tree...the potting shed....the loving neighbors and breathtaking view.  Not a moment went by that I wasn't thankful to God for the opportunity to live in such a dreamy place.  I'm intoxicated with gratitude.  

Oh I just heard the timer go off...
Times up
Gotta run

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