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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Message to The Best Friend

I used to fly through to-do lists like no one’s business!  Check after check….finished.  Bi-Polar highs allowed me little sleep and an exuberant amount of energy.  Not so much anymore though.   I’m medicated…..and boring.

But that’s not why I’ve come today.  I’ve come to speak to my best friend.  Most of us have a best friend we couldn’t imagine living life without!  It doesn't even matter if you see them on a daily basis or maybe every 3-10 years.  I have those too.  I’m blessed to have quite a few from all walks of life and different phases of my life.  Feel free to pass this along to your best friend.
Well, let me lay it out there for you….the story as it stands........as I would my best friend.  Raw and unfiltered…..

Hey Bestie Boo Boo Kins:

We are leaving in, I don’t know, 46 days..!?  I have an entire estate to sell off and donate before launch.   Camp is coming up next week….both boys and I are going and we’re all super stoked about it!!!)  I also have a garage sale to plan and execute in 2 weeks.  An estate sale to enjoy a couple weeks after than then all the trips to donation station after that’s all said and done.   Finally……JULY 28th we launch……out into the big world of the unknown.  Walking on faith…a prayer and HOPE!!!

I don’t think you fully comprehend!  
I don’t think Iiiiiiiiii fully comprehend the level of …… hmmm … we’ll say “awesome" this whole adventure is shaping out to be……..I mean, it’s already started!   I shall not suffer from anxiety during this time of blissful change!  Peace and joy.

Let me share my HOPE with you.
I hope you’re ready for a wild ride, friend. 
I hope to enjoy each moment of the process (and share as much as possible) 
I hope I don’t ruin my kids.  
I hope I can get some ducks to line up in a row ... somewhat quickly.
I hope this helps someone…our entire story; struggles, victories, dreams, adventure
I hope I can accomplish my growing to do list 

I’m learning so much from YOU!  I’m watching you….seeing you succeed makes my heart sing.  Although, I must admit something, I’m standing next to Envy trying to ignore her efforts to entertain me.  She is pure evil and I renounce any relationship I once had with this temptress.  I am free!

I am so thankful for who I am…for where I am….for what I’m about to step into….I’m owning this.   I’m taking life to the next level. 
I have nothing to be jealous of, my friend.  In saying that I must say this: 

You are beautiful!  
You are important!!!  
You crack me up!
Your pain brings tears to my eyes.  
You infuriate me sometimes…..oh, had I not told you that before?
The truth you tell by living and being YOU makes it all the more pleasurable to call you…Best Friend.  

You make me smile.
I can tell you anything.
You won’t tell a soul.
You have my back.
And I yours.
You even tell me when my breath stinks 
(and even sometimes provide the mint)

I learn from you constantly….the good, the coulda-been-better, and even the outright messes.
You're like a comfy cozy couch that I just wanna curl up in with a good book.
You're the sugar in my Dr. Pepper

On a serious note:
I’m sorry I don’t keep in touch more.  A text with a silly emoji could go a long way.  I'll work on that one.  Skype or FaceTime would be even better.  
I wish you saw more of my faults……or that I could open up more about them….I need to let someone in….don’t you?

Oh and then there’s ….. the fact that:
I love your honest humility and extravagant sense of humor.
Your dreams that you’ll never give up on…they’re coming true for you.  I see it.  I’m thrilled to know you at this stage and level that our lives stand in now.   One day we’ll look back to this moment….and we’ll smile … maybe even through a tear or two….and we’ll be so grateful for the lessons we’re in the middle of learning because we know it was this stepping stone that propelled us to new heights.   

Friend, you know you can come to me with anything….and I’m here to pray for you….to listen….to be a shoulder to cry on….to love you….to pat your back when it’s all going right.
I know I’ve been a bit distant but I’m back …. and I’m tuning in.  

And even though it goes without saying, I support you in all your successes.
I want us to rise up…now….together.  Hand in Hand.  

We can do this….it’s our time….rise with me.  
I’m coming up.  I want the world to know, I got to let it show…..wait, isn’t that a song?  

Thank you, darling, for loving me.   You KNOW I love YOU!  Chat soon.  
Sending a load of kisses.

Oh and…...Leave a comment below: 
I gotta know what’s the thing you’re plowing through right now?

Loving you, 

Your Best Friend

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert.  And streams in the wasteland.”  Isaiah 43:18  if that doesn’t shake your tree I don’t know what will.   

one more hope:
I hope God gives us wisdom to know what to do with our vehicles (and cats for that matter).  I wish we owned them outright and He told us to give them away.  That would be awesomeness!!!!  You can’t out give God so if He says give…..you give.  There’s always joy in giving.  I’m learning that more and more as this life rolls by.    AND anything, anything, anything at all is possible!!!!

(can I simply interject some thoughts since you made it this far?  In case you want to pray for us, here are some miracles I could use: I need a new relationship with food, for one.  I just want to put that out there.  Found out I was allergic to CANE!!!!  What the heck?!?!?!  Where does this leave that box of Snickers ice cream bars?)  Oh and then there’s this: I sooooo want an RV …..that drives…a small Winnabego would be great if I’m gonna be specific.  I also need order and focus in a big way right now.  Something to pray about.)

Ok that’s really it….you can go eat some ice cream now! 

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