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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are my blinds open or closed???

Today I was feeding Koko looking out the front window.  The blinds were mostly closed so not much light was coming in & as I decided to chage that I had some spiritual revelation.  Our hearts are similar to what I was seeing happen to my son's play room.  Light was coming in.  I've been praying lately, more of you and less of me, Lord.  That's it!  the blinds represent us....our weaknesses, fears, failures, doubt, etc.  As we open them we have "less' of us and more of Him....His light, His warmth, His love.  So each morning as I open all my blinds (I like a ton of natural light) I will pray for MORE of HIM and less or NONE of me.
Sooooo  good when He shows up and teaches you things in the middle of your daily duties!
I added this one to this blog page so I think I lost my comment from my very first reader....sorry Peggy:)

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