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Saturday, April 30, 2011

weiner dog day at the races

wow!?!?!  Long & dusty day washed down the drain in what seemed to be the longest shower of my life.  Oh wait, I still see dirt:)   Our booth was quite successful & I amazed to see how many people liked my artwork & the weiner dog clock.  I told Marc if that doesn't sell I'm taking off the dog & revamping it.  If it does sell I'm making more only without the dog....maybe an Arabian horse head or just the funky feel of the mixed media art.
Side note....After thinking for quite some time I've come to some realization on the whole "art" matter.  I spent several years selling other people's art on cruise ships and have myself made many works but I've never been so vulnerable with my work.  I've always created for a specific client and personality style in mind.  I've never just made something to be seen & scrutinized by the public eye.  What a different feeling.  I found myself a bit shy about it all....until about noon when I shed the silly skin of "what if I'm not good enough".  God gave me a gift & the way I look at it is if someone doesn't like it then its just not created for them, someone else will be blessed by that piece.  No biggie, no sweat, no apologies! 
Looking forward....tomorrow is beautiful & successful!

ooooo only 9 hours of sleep in 2 days & still nursing a 5 month old

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