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Friday, April 29, 2011

first post....again

So I tried this BLOG business for the first time a few days ago but I added it directly to our website.  Now I just don't know if that's easy for people to follow...so here I am.  Blogspot.  How to link to my site?  no clue...how to let people know I'm here...no clue.  Actually did have ONE reader & comment already...yay!!!  Thanks Peggy! 
Here you have it folks.  Weiner Dog races tomorrow in Buda.  Our very first showing.  NO one knows what we do yet & Marc's pretty well known in this community (Chair of Board of Directors for Chamber of Commerce:).  So its kinda like our coming out party.  Well I want nothing more than the anointing all over our business & the things we sell and that that anointing gets all over anyone who purchases anything, picks up a card or even simply walks by our booth.  God is so amazing & I want everyone to know....and buy us out!!!!
So many things to do tonight, finish up on 2 pieces of art, Marc has to finish about 5 trays and 10 necklaces, price everything, take pictures of everything for records, pack up all breakables, necklaces, art & furniture into 2 cars & go pick up Tiernan from Mimi & Papa's and here I am talking to myself imagining that other people are reading:)  hehehe....I make myself smile sometimes....back to work silly girl!!!!

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