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Monday, October 1, 2012

weekend update :: need for camping

Good morning.....Rise n Shine!
How was your weekend?  What kind of adventures did you experience? 

Click through to see some fun pictures...pinterest worthy, I ask???

The weekend recap:  It was a pretty rainy weekend in my neck of the woods so Saturday morning I decided to pack up the boys. kennel the dogs and head to my sister's in San Antonio.  We had great fun baking butter cookies ....with no butter, I might add. We cracks me up!  We were meant to make sugar cookies but she printed the wrong recipe and neither of us noticed until it was too late:)  Not to mention Country Crock made its debut into my baking world....to no success.  Butter really is better, folks!
only slightly burned....oops
the best way to unwind and start out the weekend: c
andlelit bath with luxurious bath whatsits
Sunday was beautiful!  Church, friends, a wee nap with our boys, then to the in-laws for some family time.  The boys LOVE going to Mimi n Papa's house where they get to fish and soak up every outdoor adventure....cows, chickens, carpet grass, swing, big wheel motor car and FISH!

As they made a bee line for the water I headed out for a peaceful walk around the land.   Since my dad's suicide earlier this year (see My Daddy) I've taken little walks down to his favorite place...a little tucked away section of my in-laws' land.  They were gracious enough years back to sort of give him free reign over that little area.  Today I just sat there and remembered all the times we'd swim here or I'd find him with a fishing line in the water while he was moving all over the place clearing weeds, stacking wood and making paths around the water's edge and the countless campfires we've enjoyed at the water's edge and who could forget the smore's experience:)  This was his private swimming hole where he would spend days on end.  Sometimes even camping out under the stars  if the weather were right.  

Daddy's special place....
It's fall.  The Texas weather is perfect for camping so grab someone you love and pitch a tent....or sleep under the stars but enjoy the night air and make the most of this amazing weather.

My most wacky, nearly unbelievable, camping adventure was Big Bend for a week with my cousin Melissa:) .I'd love for you to share your favorite camping memory here in the comment section. 

Random weekend curiosity for ya:
Did you see the movie Unconditonal yet?  If no, you MUST.  Go tonight:)

oh, and if you missed the name change news HERE ya have it:

lovingly and respectfully yours

Diella Wyatt:)

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