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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ride in style

Hey guys,

I was privileged enough to spot this creative gal and her adoring husband riding through a South Austin neighborhood.  I drove up next to her totally stalker like and rolled down my window as I rolled up to her.  "You look precious" I then shout out my passenger side window.

I mean really!  Are you reading what I'm writing? What kind of weirdo pulls up and says something ridiculous like that then drive off feeling confident I just made her day......I'm about rolling on the floor laughing looking back at it all.  In the moment it was the most normal, perfect thing to say.  HA!

Anyway, they were riding faster than I was driving (miracle in itself) until we turned the same direction....then I had to pass them again....ahhahhh.  If I were a better story teller (and single with all the time in the world) I'd drum up all the details of this wacky moment with flowery words and phrases that captivate you, my reader....my friend so deeply that you can't help but subscribe....come back tomorrow to find if there's a new post.  But alas, I am not such person.  I am ME!  

And here it is....the kind lady with the fancy bike.

Thanks for joining me and I really wish I would've picked up this gals name....be nice to share this with her:)
I'm learning along the way folks: curb the enthusiasm long enough to exchange names. 

Bye Bye Friends...until tomorrow:)  Oh, be sure to come back for a wee little tour of an rockin' shop in Wimberley ...to be coming.                           

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