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Thursday, March 14, 2013

about TIME I try it!!!

Biggest Loser night!  a couple nights late but hey.....I didn't eat a bag of oreo's in the process:) just one oatmeal cream pie.  I mean, who could resist???

There are so very many trails my mind is traveling down tonight; adventuring over new terrain.  I’ve never been this way before or seen that hill before.   Everything looks new and unfamiliar; yet somehow, welcoming.  I’m turning a corner.  More like an “about face” (ahhh, Commander would be so proud of me).   I’m even naming my mental trails.... after those I've ridden on hundreds of times!  The Stables is where I spent all my summers growing up and plan to revisit next month...random side bar!

Ridge Trail:  It MUST be my choice.          I WILL make the move!
My 4 year old you see here runs full steam ahead just about every second of the day.  
2 cups of coffee later I'm right there with him:)
talk about "Eye On It", when these boys get anywhere near water they're looking for the biggest rock they can toss in
River Trail:  What if the whole world
were watching?  Would I “live decorated” differently?   How many people would accept me?  HA!@!!!!  WHO CARES!?!?!?!  Funny thing about it is.....it doesn’t matter who thinks what or who says what!  I follow God’s perfect path for my life.  And if I miss it or get off track I repent and get up....and keep on moving (most days).  
Lower Creek Crossing: need some miracles to manifest for my hair, nails and skin right about now....and those veins.... oh, Lord! 
even on their way to sleep.....energy abounds
Echo Point: I am far from perfect and honestly, I don’t even have that in my sights.  I just want to please and honor the One Who made me.  I want to know Him more.  And I want to be real....just ME!  

The Big Meadow:  God is working on me about my weight!  UGH!@  I’ve never in my entire life had to worry about what I ate.  I’ve never HAD to work out to be thin.  I’ve always been very strong and active but only 2 short seasons in my life did I ever “work out” and the results were remarkable.  Both times I had a trainer I could scream at (and boy did I get LOUD!)  I say all that to tell you I have to learn how to be fit for the first time in my 37 years!   I’ve been fighting it but listen, it’s nearly summer and the thought of taking the kids to a pool has me stirred up!   I don’t need to be back to a bikini but I sure would love to have that body back!

farm fresh eggs make me feel like I'm doing something right:)
The Three Hills:  I will get FIT!  My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit...I am not my own.  My body went through MAJOR change having these 2 precious boys!  It’s honestly affected my whole being.  My confidence has plummeted in the last 5 years but I’m on my way to getting it back....for my health & the future of my family.  I will NOT sit around and watch my dreams fly off in the breeze!!  The time is NOW!!!!

So watch and pray....please pray for me.  For strength. wisdom. self-control. patience.   it's about time I try it.....SELF-CONTROL!!!!!

I had to share this picture because my girlfriend Cindy paid me the sweetest compliment on this picture but I've gotta say...the reason I'm wear a big over sized t-shirt is because I shall keep the bulges to myself.
I'm about to shed this "extra skin" as I prefer to call it.  

Thanks and God Bless you in abundance!!!

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