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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter adventure...and YOU?

Hey y'all....how was your Easter?

We had a mighty full weekend!  Our church (Impact Family Church) hosted a HUGE FREE family event on Saturday. Here are some shots for you.
behind this amazingly fabulous Airstream Photobooth is all the action...inflatables, laser tag and
by the way....I recommend this photobooth for ANY event....EVER!!!!  Check the link to find out more about this awesome company.
2 human sized hamster balls: I waiting all day to do this but at 1pm when the event was to end there was STILL a line....so that means volunteers don't get to line cut for a turn in front of all those little kids:(  maybe next time:)
Games2U is the way to go to make your party super fabulously special...they were a blast with so many game options
these big dudes actually tossed kids high in the sky for TWO HOURS on this giant velcro wall....super hero strength
one of our clowns with her yappy dog Barney.  (I actually just made that name up, I forgot to ask his name)

can you believe I caught this jump and had no idea until later when I went to Instagram it?  These boys of mine are a hoot
and....finish.  REST!!!!

and then there's Easter Sunday:
amazing service with our new stage...not a great shot but oh well...it was middle of service:)

super hero photoshoot....Ko ran off 

oh, there he is petting Tru sucking on his brother's lollipop

sweet friends looking all GQ on us....so blessed to be able to have them at
the family's Easter ...they recently moved here & have no family....until now!!!
 I can't even believe this is all the pictures I came away with.  We had such a fun packed day and everyone seemed so chill like we do this all the time:)  Thanks to our amazing family who made our new friends feel so welcomed and accepted!!!!
precious first Easter moments today...too many to capture

focus.....focus.....he had such a giver's heart today....he walked around afterward
giving eggs out to all the adults and some smaller kiddos:)  Made this mama so happy!!!

our sweet cat of the past (we left him when we moved out).....we will pick him
up soon Mama...promise!

and this is about how it ended....muddy from head to toe zoned out in a sugar coma.

Happy Easter I hope yours was amazing!
Would love to hear how YOU celebrated this joyous holiday in celebrating Jesus' resurrection.  He's ALIVE!!!!  Praise be to God for His beautiful gift of freedom, love, forgiveness, health, prosperity and OH SO MUCH MORE!!!!  He paid the price.

Love n hugs....come back tomorrow morning for that post you've been waiting for (the Wimberley surprise)

Diella Wyatt

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