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Friday, March 15, 2013

Turn ordinary into an adventure!

Take grocery shopping for example.  Most times in my every day life I try to approach each new moment as if it were an adventure.  This is one way I personally Live Decorated.

One of the most common adventures I have is
grocery shopping.  With kids, alone, with my husband (we usually treat it like a date if we’re sans kids) and even as a whole family.  I like to take it all in.  Really absorb the experience and go with the “flow” of how the moment unfolds (unless one of the boys are "testing" my patience).    My lovely husband, on the other hand, is the grounded one who keeps us focused and on course....a true blessing as we learn to balance one another.

Join me on my adventure to the healthy grocery store and see if you don’t find your next trip to the market a bit more enjoyable. Here's the VIDEO you've all been waiting for.....

this mama loves this greeting just inside the front door....snacks=kid's entertainment

I love the idea of organic everything coming in my house (Girl Scout cookies, I'm looking at YOU)
Imagine what happens when I feel the need to bust out my iPhone in the middle of Central Market (or ANY other random location) and start “capturing the moment.”  HA!!!  I love drawing inspiration from shapes, colors, dimension, people, food, just about anything!  
oh how I love me some herbal tea!!!  and just look at this selection.....nummy!!!!

It wasn’t until about halfway through the apple section one Saturday that I realized I had better keep this on the down low before I send my Honey into orbit with my "lack of focus" on the task at hand.  So I only took a few shots as we wound our way through the laberinth of "inspiration".  

We made it out of there with our groceries and even a BIG smile on our faces as we made the cashier’s day.  Most likely she hadn’t run across anyone more silly (that was me), or kind (my Honey played that part) all day long (the fact that it was merely 11am hadn't crossed my mind)

I actually showed her my pictures from the experience and she suggested I get a shot of Ernie.  So, you guessed it, I sprinted through the entire store all the way back to the potatoes to catch a shot of this “super fabulous guy” who obviously makes a difference in his world....by Living Decorated
thanks Ernie for all your hard work & dedication!!!!

It's true: I LOVE chocolate.  It makes me smile!   Lindt dark  or Hershey's melting between a
graham cracker and a freshly roasted marshmallow are both fabulous among about a
hundred other options....I'm sure we can all agree!

Well if this wall of chocolate doesn't have your mouth watering, you must've just eaten lunch.  

I hope you'll come back and see me again or if maybe catch me on Twitter @LiveDecorated to share how YOU Live Decorated....or if you like using more words leave me a comment here.  

I enjoy hearing all the different voices and viewpoints as long as they're positive and uplifting for all who read:)  

Happy Day friends....

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