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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little late night update

I typed this after day 3 of my Iowa adventure....

 I know my limited vocab couldn't possibly express this amazing journey to Iowa I'm on.
I have a thousand pics but you'll have to find em on fb, twitter or Instagram because I can't figure out an easy way to manage pics on my iPhone then easily get them to the iPad where I'm typing this blog in a special blog app...I do however know how to draw on
this thing...wanna see how? 
See that's what I've got for ya at this 2:30 hour of the AM....
Here are some blog posts I haveasygoing r you that may or may come out depending on many variables:

The rental car: cute doggon car you ever did see
THE 5K...did you just hear me? I ran for the first time in 20 years and had an epiphany...I think I'm a runner! I'll have to look into that but one thing I know I'm a new friend to body pump and as soon as I can move again I shall pump it up all over that YMCA
Jeff Miller: this man has a great road ahead and he inspired me greatly...this is a must tell story...check out the video on YouTube....I would love to add the link but again not sure how this iPad needs to be handled to do that...search my YouTube channel if you can LiveDecorated
The Wedding: the initial reason we came....my lips are sealed for now...gotta share the story with my Honey then see what to do with it:) I shall remain a mystery forever so don't even try to figure me out;)
Perfect Pitch: not sure of the movie name but its something like that...I saw it & enjoyed about 90% of it...excluding language n some foul humor but most of those Hollywood folks don't realize clean can still be funny...actually MORE so!!! Wider audience base....don't get me started there! Just clean it up.....give us good movies to watch where we don't have to have to wash our mouths out with soap .....oh I ate my fair share of soap myself so I'm not one to judge:)
Use your gift: Know the gifts God's placed in you and seek Him with your whole being....lean, trust in, rely on Him....too much to go into now I hope there's time to cover that in greater depth....soon folks, be patient with me.

Some new friends....each of them have their own unique story: listed in order of when they arrived on my scene:
Bob, Don & the entire main st restaurant (which i dont accept that its mexican!) 
Hundreds of folks walking the 5k with me
Jeff Wilson: amazing story there!!!!! Random divine appointment at the running track...see the pics 
Mary, Elmer and about 40 others who shared some interesting wedding memories with me:) maybe youll hear about it someday
some old ladies in Happy Joe's I asked to keep my phone safe as it charged, some kids in Happy Joe's and who when the lovely ladies left I asked to "take a message if anyone should call...except my Honey...I need that call come get me" (who never did quite know what to do as i hovered over their table)
That was only in the past day n a half...seems like a week has gone by:) 

Ok I really must go to bed because I'm not sure if any of this makes sense.
I don't have enough focus to read and edit right now....oh my oh my...3am!!!!! 

Good night "for cryin out loud" as gma Barbie would say

Diella Blu Wyatt...call me what you like:)


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