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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life Changing Trip to Iowa: Day 3 (finally) Sunday

Ok so we're only on day 3 of the 5 day adventure composition set in the rural mid-west (at least I think Iowa is mid-west....I just wanted to use words other than corn, farm & small town)  you get the idea though because you, my friends, are smart cookies (we balance each other quite well).

Sunday: I knew I was going to
church while in town but I had no idea which church I would attend since my family is denomination-ally diverse.  After the Holy Ghost time we had after the wedding at the Four Square church on the edge of town I knew that's where I belonged that morning.  

Breakfast at the farm was set for somewhere around 8am but there was NO way I would be able to do work that one.....opting out of Sunday School sounded good to my body.  So by the time I finally pulled up the driveway everyone was already outside in the freezing cold ready to go.  

Another meal to skip.   This whole not-making-time-for-food coupled with running a 5K this week is sure taking its toll on my extra baby fat (the extra skin still needs to find a place to hide) tummy tuck?  hmmm....interesting possibility.

Focus, people.....the story is unfolding rather slowly with a bland taste in my mouth so lets see if I can move this along.

The Message....a call to action...what do you see around you that needs your help?  where is God leading you to be His hands and feet...to reach the lost? the hurting? the hungry?  GOOOOOOOOOD stuff, Mr. Preacher Man!  I’m moved to MOVE!

Quick, jump ahead:  The Stables  

oops, forgot my ranch gear at headquarters (Aunt and Uncle's place) ...my red shiny leather heels wouldn't be enough for rompin’ in the muck.... so back I go (all of a 3 minute drive through town).  

on the way to the stables I'm enamored by the peaceful countryside...
the cows are a bit perplexed with my side of the road stop over
Quick change and head off...I was meant to be at the farm for my video chat with GrandDad and some barn pickin' that I simply can't get enough of:)  Only 15-30 minutes set aside for my friends at The Stables so let's get this party rollin'.  

Little did I know that after driving down the dusty dirt road I'd be on major pause mode as soon as I hit the river at the bottom of the hill.  FULL stop, folks.   Ahhh, and here they come....those healing tears I've grown accustomed to in the past 6 days.  
and my FULL stop at the bottom of the hill.....before turning into the Stables.  This is where the healing of my heart commenced.  

breathless.  speechless.  motionless.  weeping.  
memories flood my mind of Daddy.  One summer he made me go in the river with him while it was way down.  For some odd reason there were about 6-7 cars and trucks stuck in the yucky muddy bottom of that river. 

“Why are there cars in the river?”  I inquired of Daddy.  “And why are WE going to dig them out?  Do you realize how old I am?” 
“You’ll be fine, just tough it out.”
“I’m a girl.” 
“You’re a tom boy!  Now, let’s go....work before pleasure.” 

I made sure he told me the WHY behind this hard manual labor mess of a mystery.

Well, when he and his friends were young and stupid they'd buy junk cars for parts and build their own race cars and even trucks.  They were caught racing on the farm and got in some pretty hot water so they moved their operation to the next door neighbors (my uncle Richard  had 200 acres “The Stables” that shared a property line with Great Grandma's farm.)

So they raced all around my uncle’s land thinking they were being slick.  Well they tore up trails and pasture land and turned the training ring into a big hot mess before my uncle had about enough of that.  All the boys went into town and uncle spent all day with his “cat” or whatever they called that little tracker and threw some of the cars in the river and buried the rest.  When the boys came back they couldn’t find one vehicle on the whole place. 

I don’t remember the details but I don’t think they even found out about what happened until that summer when the river went way down.  Can you imagine seeing your lost car in the bottom of the riverbed as a teenager?  We all have family stories, don’t we?  I’ve always felt mine have a special entertainment value.  My dad was quite the adventurer, risk taker, never afraid of anything, wild fun guy about town so just about everyone in town has a Stan storyJ 

Oh my....back to the Main Event:  sloppy, healing, snot on my face crying commenced for what seemed like forever.  Jo is in the distance eye balling my Fiat.  I’m sure by now she realizes who it is.  My heart ...ahh the healing....surprisingly, I’m still experiencing grief over my Daddy's death by reliving such beautiful memories.  I MISS HIM!!!!!!J 

Then one of my besties calls at the most perfect time and I spill it all on her with zero regard for what her world may be experiencing on the other end...what a friend I must be?!  Spill it!  
 Now, since I’m not the best at doing a “this happened, then this, then that thing” and making it interesting, even though the turn of events from that moment and the next few to follow had a profound effect on me and I’m sure on those around me, I can’t seem to figure how to tell this part.
from the front of Welcome, to the view back to my adorable European gem of a rental car,
back to the ranch and the river view....you can see the Lodge from here....wish I had time
to take you inside all these amazing buildings hand crafted by my family ages ago.

Maybe Nancy (the new owner of The Stables) could tell this part.... I heard she’s an actual writer!   intro:

It all started after my super power Jo hugs.  Oh, you don't know who Jo is yet?  Well keep up.  Jo is Nancy's Mama and was also one of my Grandma Barb's best friends).   Now I hadn't been back here in 5 years so you know I needed a good hug!  
Then some small talk about all that messy crying, deflected.  Now Jo offers to take me to see..... the Boss (some folks are brave enough to call her Nancy).   Rounding the front side of the Main BunkHouse (not sure what they call it these days) I hear faint voices growing closer by the nanosecond.  Giggles.

Suddenly, as if catapulting off a galloping gelding in the middle of a classic ranch horse show to the tune of “We’re Coming to America”, appears this blonde bundle of energy, packaged in muscle sporting a dazzling smile as her precious adornment.   Her long, perfectly wavy golden hair was blowing in the crisp breeze.  She embraced an uber confident swagger which made me run into her arms like a long lost friend.   She didn’t miss a beat.  Miss Top of The World Today is what I shall call her.  Right about now I was able to see what the movie scene would look like when this moment is recreated.  "Who do you want to play you in the movie?" I asked?  Blank stares....fake smiles.....huh?!  

Aside from the movie comment reaction, how did I do?  In describing Nancy....the breezy blonde moment?  Oh, leave a comment but be nice ;)   I think I’ll start calling her Boss.   Out of respect and a bit of fear:)  She really rocks that place....so don't get in her way.

Stables Side Trail:  Girl Scout camps at the Stables are the BEST place a girl could spend a summer.....hands down.  “The show” was always my favorite part (couldn’t have guessed that one could you?)  We performed Cow Patty, Coming to America, On The Road Again, Happy Trails, and even turned the "motor bike riding" song into a horse back riding song with a dance to go along.....might have to get Mel to perform it with me sometime.....
Here's Tori....one of the tough gals who passionately work this ranch
just as I once did....such hard work yet so rewarding. (ignore my tear stained face)
Oh, another thing, Tori had her gorgeous cowboy classy wedding here....Ahhhh

Hey, there's a thought.  Maybe if I come up for the summer she’d let me have a part in the show....put in a good word for me, JoJ  

I MUST film one of them at the very least but if I’m in it well then, all the better! 

another shot of the river (and Tori hard at work) 

So the 15-30 minutes I planned turned into about 3.5 hours of chat n laughs with a bit more tears in the barn.  She actually told the details of Jesse’s death (one of the best horses that place has ever seen).  I bawled me eyes out begging her to stop but she just had to tell it all.  Oh boy!   Can you believe they’ve buried 30 horses out there since buying this place from uncle.  That’s another story.  She just has such a huge heart for the horses...like they’re her babies. 
everyone sitting in the feeding trough listening to the crazy lady pacing the barn

She gives them the absolute BEST life until their last breath. 

After getting some good shots, stopping the flow of work for the afternoon and shaking things up a bit I decided it was time to head to my next adventure.....but I didn’t take a VIDEO!!!!  It’s ok, I told them, I’d be back tomorrow for another visit and maybe even a ride (the most amazing experience on horseback in the state of Iowa).  To be continued...
The infamous Nancy "Boss" and her Honey, Rick.  what an amazing pair!
part of the tack room....many hours/days of my life spent here.

 Oops.....I missed my farm time completely.  What now? 
My “in town” family was to have a wee BBQ with the whole family.  I also invited my other best girl, Julie to the mix.  Then this, then that, then cousin can’t come, then I moved Jules to tomorrow night so I could have some one on one girl time.  Ahhh, an evening of peace is at hand.  Not to mention the normal meal at my fingertips and taste buds.  Sorry Gramps. 

Yummy Aunt Jill.....my tummy thanks you for feeding it so generously.  Great family! Great conversation! I must say, I felt so comfortable there.....like I’ve been in and out of their home between my wild shenanigans all my life. 
love these people....my loving family!

Dinner behind us,  now what?  Hey, I can make it out to the farm to chat up Gramps before he heads to bed.   Perfect!  
However, we'll have to take that journey tomorrow because this is already a super long blog story....come back later for part 2 of Day 3....do you even care?  I think you maybe should...or not....your call.

I do love you because God loves you and so .....ciao for now, come back soon:)

love n hugs n horse kisses.
Diella Wyatt


  1. Blu, I just happened upon this blog. YOU ARE ONE AMAZING WOMAN!! I haven't had time to read much and I have to go to an appointment, but I WILL BE BACK!


    1. Thanks SO MUCH Ann for your encouraging words. We just love being connected to your amazing family:) Blessings


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