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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Great Iowa Adventure: Day 2: Part 3 winding down....or so you thought

Oh boy, have I sure missed YOU!?!   Life hasn’t slowed down & certainly if I’m to once again Live Decorated I’ll have to make some serious adjustments....mainly to FINALLY get moved out of this house.  Tomorrow will be ONE full week since Operation Adorable Small Town MoveIn began.  
isn't this precious????

 Below are 2 videos of the getting
ready stage before we even started moving in....can't be bothered to post those videos yet....needing technical help, if you can't tell.

If I were to guess how many loads we have left I’d say I have about 24.... in my mini-van.   

Side Road:  That sounds so strange even from my fingers’ view point.....MINI-VAN......go ahead...........ewwwwww.  But I assure you the whole sliding car door and a perfectly flat floorboard with ample room for a quick diaper change (or say 147 in 4 years). .....so needless to say I have LOVED every second of this mini-van’s brief and thankfully never to be revisited stay in my driveway.    AND.....I’m ready to MOVE ON!  My opportunity for auto change seemed to be drawing near...... until I, in a moment of blind stupidity, backed my husband’s truck into a stationary fence.  I highlight the fact that it was in fact stationary, as opposed to engaged in mobile fence attack mode, therefore confirming my do-do-bird mentality at the time......

WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Farm Road off the Side Road:  Please have a look see what my next car could possibly be....drum roll pleeeeeeaaaaaase..........


Whatcha think?  Lincoln MKX or Ford Edge???  I have some very specific criteria and it will be mine when the time is right....you know?

Main Road:  I’m back....for about 12 minutes....water break at the “old house” as we’ve interestingly nicknamed the house build in the past 10 years and the “new house” being the house we’re moving into having no idea when it was built.  I will take a stab at it.....I’ll say it was born in 1886. 
Now I left you on Day 2 of my trip....Saturday. 

After the video you see of me getting ready down to the wire (see this post if you have no idea) ....next was the wedding which I won’t discuss on my blog because it was a family matter and is very private.  The story may one day be told but today is NOT the day....I honestly don’t see that surfacing for years:0 best to keep certain things in the family, no?

I can tell you that the presence of God came into that place on the wings of that song “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”  come back to see the video cause I don’t have time to post.....I actually JUST recorded it for you....and here it is....
don’t worry about the singing....just turn YOUR eyes to Jesus, man, woman....friend, neighbor....just seek HIM with your whole heart today.....He will reveal Himself to you if you do. 

Jeremiah 33:3 says to call to Him and He will answer you and tell you great things you do not know about what's to come.....read it here.   Hello?  Pick me, Lord.  

So after the wedding reception (which I was well over an hour late for...par for the course) the family had dinner at Happy Jo's where my phone finally found an outlet (clear across the room where the 3 sweetest ole ladies watched out for it:)  They didn't seem to mind this boisterous young gal asking that little favor of them while they ate their pizza.   

After dinner was supposed to be my Grandpa time.....pickin' the farm, getting videos of him telling stories of the past and of the junk I was trying to collect off of him. It was meant to be something really special I could hand down to our future generations.  This GrandDad has such great faith and a tremendous love and knowledge of the Word.  I could spend hours with him and my iPhone but I had an idea he might need a break from my 120mph energy level after such a grand day.....my mom confirmed I was right.  
since we're comparing my dream cars.....my rental sits stoically in the shadow of the
glimmering Ford Edge....they're both enveloped in the smell of  the farm  "country perfume" 

So now my night was suddenly free......call Aubrey....I'm coming home sweetie......we're going to Family Foods, meet us there......okay.  But first:  I had to stop off at the Four Square church for a picture of the big cross (and a couple donuts in the gravel parking lot with my Fiat.....I couldn't help myself....I am my father's daughter!)  

AMEN to that, yo!!!

always an adventure at Family Foods

she's not only the store manager I was honored to meet the Mayor...I now love this woman!
Maybe she can squeeze me on the committee making the decisions for the old
theater renovation.....PLEASE Shirley.  I must help with this project
(y'all, come back in a few days for a video & pics of this amazing project)

I thought my grandma Barb invented Scotcheroos until I found them at Family Foods....then
on the Rice Crispies box:/  Then I just realized she had a LOT more influence than I thought!

Oops....forgot to share this video:
So after my little sweet fix we headed home with a movie "you just have to see" according to Aubrey.  I'm game, I'll just iron my skirt since I always have to be DOING something.....silly goose.
Pitch Perfect, people......Pitch Perfect!  Confirmation my life is meant to be a musical.  No, really!  

If we're hanging out anytime in the future feel free to break out in song describing the moment we're in or a thought running through your mind because if you feel free to sing out I know I will and we could have a wee little musical on our hands.  Tip: I can't really hear harmony so I'm gonna have to take the melody:)  hehe...
Back to the wedding before I sign off....the one thing I will share is that God showed up in a BIG way for me at
that sweet little Four Square church in small town Iowa......and this lovely lady was the anointed one doing what she
is clearly called to do.....and lives were changed by the Power and Presence of God that unassuming Saturday afternoon.
Thanks be to GOD!
hope to see y'all tomorrow to share with you my Sunday world....Day 3: church, road trip, the river, the stables, and I can't remember what all else happened that day so I'll have to check back with Instagram:)

Hugs to the family and many abundant blessings from God above....

Diella Wyatt

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