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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's be REAL for a sec!!

  So much is going on and since several of you only know what's going on by reading my blog I thought I'd try to wrap some words around portions of it.

First of all, my Iowa journey was beyond words (especially mine) and I really hope you'll catch up with me there....you know who you are:) it truly was life changing and I want more than anything
for your life to be changed....
I wish I would've been able to capture it better....but in sure you'll muddle through....again, you know who you are! 

Secondly, we have a lot to talk about...problem is I don't know where to start. It seems what one would think acceptable another would find dreadfully mediocre.   And who wants mediocre?  We should always strive for God's BEST for our lives and I don't think you can call me "crazy" for doing just that.  

Just sit back and enjoy the ride while allowing me the freedom I need in order to flow into the bigger and greater that I know I'm called for.   I may stumble but God will be there to get me through....as I Live Decorated.  I don't want to fail anymore.  I want to excel!  And by the grace of God I certainly can.....and so can YOU!!!!!

Let go of fear! 
Let go of expectations!
Let go of past hurt!
Ask forgiveness!
Receive grace and mercy!!!
Be the best most amazing YOU that He created you to be....nothing less!!!!!!

Do you hear me....you?!  

Move forward with joy. 

Seek HIS Face....hold nothing back from Him....ask Him to change you....it isn't fun but the results are awesome!!!

God wants to help you but He can't when you keep getting in the way....I know because I've been doing that very thing for far too long!  I am truly a big sloppy mess without Him in charge....and evenafter I totally surrendered I tried taking it back...worry, sadness, heaviness...all the mess that comes when your focus isn't Him. 

See ....He not only talking toYOU....you know who you are....He's talking to me. 

 I must see about processing this so I can be a changed person.....for His glory!!

Love n LOTS of cuddles ....we all NEED them!

Diella Wyatt ...I think the lightbulb just went off and now you realize I'm talking to YOU:) hehe

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