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Thursday, June 6, 2013

at least the pictures might be worth it...???

Where in the world do I start?  How do we reconnect after so much has happened in my absence?

I’ve seen countless strangers turn into friends right before my very eyes, none of which I could take the credit for.  It seems when
you ask God to lead and guide you then actually trust that He’ll do what He says in His word your life will be transformed overnight.

I’m so ready for this change taking place on every front.  I’m not quite sure when our testimony will be made known but I realized we’re getting off point, again.  My thoughts trail ....and RUN.  They run faster than these man-hand fingers can type. 
By the time I’m on my second sentence I’ve already solved my latest dilemma, figured out what time I need to leave in the morning, remembered where I was going, rehearsed the unveiling of my testimony, wondered when it would actually be time, and chased after a new idea that came and nearly went.....
in and out
up and down
this and that
big and small
joy and sadness .....
And here I am.....wondering where to start...yes, we’re back to that....the START of this post.  Wondering if I’ve lost you yet.

Real Life.
Keep Calm.

NBA Finals......background is drawing me in....I miss Miami.  Fun times.  I should go watch the game, the Heat is taking on My Boys.....any Spurs fans out there??  Anyone at all out there?  NO!  You’re watching the game too......I really must go!

Here are some pics to keep you busy in case you’re twiddling your thumbs until I returnJ Hehehe.

Here is their first professional hairstylist salon in downtown Buda....We love that we can walk downtown from our house and get a boy's trim.  Adorable
Koko was the first to volunteer and sat ever so calmly the entire time
Tbone followed his baby brother's lead...cool & collected.
He doesn't look too pleased with me does he?  
ahhh....a train ride at the Library Party

Raby's Roots is a gorgeous little shop in Downtown Buda
certainly a must shop

“ Ask and it shall be given you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.”
Matthew 7:7
looking up:) Buda City Hall ceiling art to commemorate my husband's business sign being approved by the
Historical Commission of Buda...yay!!!!!

Diella Wyatt Goebler

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