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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Introducing: Sweet Treets....art for culture and lots of pictures

I just miss you....I have so many stories I want to tell.  Like how Marc and I ran across this rockin' bakery today in Oakhill (Austin, TX to my friends from around the globe) called Sweet Treets.
elegant, refined, delicate, fanciful yummy to the tummy ART is what we have here
 click through to read entire post and see loads of pictures...

we had to get a dozen cake balls to take to our friend's house (movie night/date night)

check out the awards this places has under their belt!

This is actually her dog....for some strange reason I've forgotten his name but this little guy is made of solid sugar:)
and he sits right there on her counter entertaining her customers. 

I wonder how my husband gets up the nerve to take me anywhere.....wait for it.....
I insisted they call me when they have a big elaborate cake being made to video and capture the process.  ....I'm thinking Ace of Cakes style.  She said they have a lot of fun and that's what I'm in the market for...fun, beautiful AND sweet....HELLO!  How do you think she responded to my wild proposal?

she brought this out....that's how:) 
this cake is actually a grooms cake for a wedding today:)  

My hopes are high for a soon coming video featuring the stylings of Jackie and her super fab team of nummy sweet artists.

what about the story about taking the kids to the Blanton Museum of Art  to create art for their friends....BIG hit!  This trip turned out to be more of an outdoor adventure as we explored outside for what seemed like 30 minutes before finally going in:0  ahhhh, air conditioning:)
  (I should mention Thursday and Friday mornings is a free create time for the family, you should join us)
nothing left to say 

across the street I see the Bullock Museum Texas State History....
yes I'll be visiting soon:)

the State Capital from the museum...how did I never notice
this view before?
they were SOOOO excited to give away the art they made specially
for their friends....Koko even kissed the one for Sydney:)

No time to talk about my shopping escape to the Buda's Red Door just see below....

Wide-eyed fascination

Yellow Box 

Waxing Poetic (LOVE)

yes, I found just the perfect item for our July 3rd
Wine Down Wednesday Wrap Party
join us this coming Wednesday at 6:30pm!

a closer look at that fabulous shirt by Scrapbook
I tell ya, Nelda & Liz sure know how to pick 'em!
They're always bringing top notch style to small town Buda, TX

not to mention the Austin Symphony experience with Joe McDermott...loved it!  Too many adventures to share all the pictures here...you'll just have to find me on the social circuit:)

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Oh, one thing....don't judge me by my videos, I'm a complicated lady and one video is not giving a clear picture of what to expect from me:)

Diella Wyatt

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