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Monday, June 17, 2013

routine is boring....maybe I should add some in the mix though

a perfect illustration of randomness in my life....
T collected shells one morning and I had to make a
photoshoot out of the deal
Written a few nights ago....then left to sit and marinate....now off to you my friends.

They say consistency is the key.  Oh, really!  Well then I’m in trouble, as if y’all didn’t already know that!  About the only thing I consistently do is brush my teeth and wash my face.  Oh wait, I have little boys and responsibilities....all the more reason to not only desire order in my life but strive for it.  Don’t kids do better when they know what to expect...planned out daily routines I would guess is a great place to start.  I mean, I feed them, bathe them, play with them and sing to them among a million other things but do I provide my boys with a predictable routine?  

I wish I could say yes....but sadly the answer is a big, fat NO.  And furthermore, a consistent bed time like just about every single other household sounds like a dream.  Perfect, I tell you, but not easy.  You see, I’m just getting my second wind after dinner (whenever that happens to be any given evening) then we like to take a walk and play in the backyard.  By the time we get inside it’s 8:30 or even 9pm and we haven’t even put a puzzle together (or 3) let alone taken a bath or brushed our teeth......

                   did we eat dinner already?  OH BOY!!   Don’t forget wrestling on mommy and daddy’s bed for 20 minutes...and tickles are a must!!!  Where does the time go?  How do normal people do this night time wind down time?  Do they wrestle on the bed?  How about let their boys play in the bathtub for 20 minutes?  Is that weird?   

To shed some light on where it all stems from....
All my adult life I’ve lived through adventures....the only thing you could expect of me is that today would be different than yesterday and tomorrow is whole other bag of worms.  (you’ve heard the old saying, right?) 

“My life has ORDER” is one of my vision board cards.  Order just oozing out of every moment.... every junk drawer and closet.....every daily “routine” ....oh yeah, baby....order and peace.  Holla! 

Oh, wait, you still can’t hear my voice as I mimic different accents through this, and every, post.  Another oops!  Wish you could hear it!
Happy Father's Day preview....
we created something fabulous for my Honey which will have to be revealed after Sunday (it's already wrapped)

 Are you kidding me?...there I go on another detour....it doesn't help that these pictures play no rhyme or reason into this jumbled collection of words on this page.

now to my point.....blogging.

I love it!  I love connecting with you and sharing pictures, inspiration, ideas, silliness and even deep thoughts.  How does this tie in with today’s theme?  Consistency.....

Oh brother, there is no tie!  I must make a tie....a sweet pink ribbon of symmetry and order should bind this blog and future posts into my floppy world of adventure and fleeting chaos. 
perfect day to create......gifts in the making

what will these random bits of wood become?
you'll see....

On a painfully truthful note, I am, by no stretch of the imagination, now nor can I imagine myself ever professing to be "a writer" per se.  
In fact I would blog more often if I had an intern!
I could relay the story, or thought I need portrayed and my
well spoken
literary genius
with a quirky sense of humor
would transpose my zany world into a blissfully addictive adventure story where you'll be laughing and perhaps crying sporadically as you hung on every word.  

Does this even make sense?  

I'll have to see if Marc will proof it.  He’s my toughest critic (aside from myself obviously).   Perhaps he could adequately and eloquently edit to suit, let’s say, anyone reallyJ

Take another wee detour with me, if you will.  Although in reality, this blog is more like a continuous strand of detours, crash landings, soaring above the clouds, back to earth and some "what was I talking about?" shenanigans.  

Come with me anyway.....

Bible talk: let's look at Moses for a second.  The man was terrified of public speaking and even stuttered from what I've been told, yet God called him to lead the multitude out of captivity.  What a wild ride, huh!?!  
Can you imagine what his family thought as he came before Pharaoh (his step father who raised him) asking him to free his slaves?  He looked like a crazy man.  Clearly he cared more about what God said than pleasing man or even explaining himself.....
Mr. Faith Man Moses wasn’t the best speaker but he was willing to be used by God. 

great faith


I just took the most fabulous craft break to make some magnets and finish our Father's Day present....hint of what's to come.....FUN....I love when the creative vibe hits and flows effortlessly!  Usually this happens between 11pm and 4am and my “consistency” with blogging flies out the window.  In fact within one week’s time I would’ve had 3-8 blog posts ready.....

....if it weren’t for that pesky sitting-down-to-write bit of it I’d be a posting queen.  Who has the time?  How do bloggers manage to post 5 days a week and still live decorated.  My conclusion: they’re superheros....not normal mom-folk like me.  In fact, I’d like to sign up for this super power. 

(one thing I certainly don’t have time or energy for is making my laundry soap, hence the huge pile of laundry calling my name).

ENOUGH.....have some pictures, won’t you.....and welcome my sweet, darling husband who will be joining us again soon with a beautifully written and thought out postJ  Thanks Honey for entertaining my friends, once again!

love n more glitter sprinkled on your day....

Diella Wyatt

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