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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To build a home...

Sometimes I have to make myself take time to enjoy the things that matter.

Yesterday, I got home early and spent some QT with Koen.  His personality is bursting through his toddler frame as he "becomes a person".  He's super funny and inherently obedient (which is refreshing!).  Getting down on the floor with him makes him giggle (maybe I should take a hint and schedule some floor time).  And I can't escape the fact that, on a seemingly weekly basis, I am reminded that these days will fly by.  That we will turn around and our children will be grown.  And I refuse to miss it.  I refuse to blow the ONE chance I get with them. 

We have a friend that is in the film industry.  And she's golden.  We film little promos for
church and she's on the mark the whole time.  No nonsense kind of gal.  And, frankly, she's pretty bossy about everyone nailing their parts and staying on task. 

And here's what I've learned from her.  She can get away with it because we know where we stand with her.  We know she's just doing her job and that she loves us.  Her redirection and persistence of staying on task is received and accepted by her "cast" without fail or incident.  She leads with love.

I'm reminded of her as I parent.  My boys are ALL boy!  They are a tremendous blessing to us...and they require a lot of us.  :) We have to lead with love if we are to direct the hearts of our kiddos.  They have to know that love is the underlying reason for EVERYTHING that we do.  And we have to point them to Jesus.  To the greatest love story ever.  And everything that means for us. 

I came back in the room 5 minutes later and this had already been demolished.  Love my boys!

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