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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shine some light: reach beyond your comfort zone

I have been blessed with several beautiful women in my life.  I mean LOADS!  So I thought I’d feature one today.  Since I have no idea if she’ll like the thought of me writing a blog about her I’ve decided until she approves I will change her name for the purpose of my story.  

So this friend “Lola” has inspired me multiple times since the beginning of our friendship.  I feel like I missed out on a huge opportunity during the short time we were neighbors.  You see I think she was supposed to be my design mentor for a season yet somehow I managed to avoid
that blessing:(  
     What got in my way?
     Maybe pride.  Maybe jealousy.  
     Maybe fear.  Maybe laziness. 
     Maybe respect for her gift or her time.  
     Maybe a bit of each.  No clue.  Who cares?

Let me tell you a bit about Lola.  She’s a mother, a designer, a musician, a worshipper, a junker, a painter, a blogger, a DIYer and probably wears about a dozen other hats.  Quite frankly she could have her own show and probably will someday.  She always brings a smile to the conversation.  She pours her whole heart and sole into her family while still running a successful design firm and all that entails.  She also has the special talent of making even the strangest of strangers to feel like a hero.  I guess you could call her a "Superwoman" of sorts.   

Bottom line is she’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!  

I remember this one time she came over to my house one night for a “business meeting” to see how we could work together.  I was sick out of my mind and hopped up on some fuzzy-headed cold medicine yet I thought it was important enough to have it THAT particular night.  I have no idea what I said that night but I can assure you I wasn’t clear headed.  Despite that night we were still able to put our heads together on a few things.

Then there were those evening walks we had around the neighborhood.  I cherish those candid talks.  She always listened and offered good sound advise when it was requested.  

She’s forever painting something and slowly renovating her lovely, one of a kind, ancient farmhouse.   Not to mention the color palette in that pretty little brain of hers is so spot on.  

Now it wasn’t all roses I assure you.  We had our bumps in the road.  Some pot holes, really.  But we managed to dig our way out with only a few bruises not worth mentioning.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I think too often we forget to tell those around us just how much they really mean to us.  Or how impressed we are with the way they do life.  Maybe they said something a long time ago that still resonates with you today.  Maybe you have a deep respect for someone you just haven’t made a big deal of it.  Maybe now’s a good time to tell them.  You don’t have to write a blog about them but perhaps a hand written card you actually send….in the mail.

Also, I think we’re a bit lacking in the lifting up and encouraging department.  We are all so diversely created it’s important we never compare ourselves to others we just lift one another up.  I want to encourage you to share your heart with someone who has affected you in some way.  Even if it was a kind moment; they don’t have to be your best friend.  Just reach a bit beyond your comfort zone.  Make someone’s day with a thoughtful gesture!

Thanks Lola for allowing me the honor of calling you friend.

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