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Monday, October 31, 2016

Oh yes I am!

Welcome to my thought filled early evening run.
While descending the big hill the strangest idea slapped me in the face 'I should run a marathon' Haheeeheee then I laughed out loud and countered that thought: realistically shouldn't I try running a 5k first and see how that goes?  I mean before we get off the deep end.  

Back to the reason we're here today.....the sky! No seriously I marveled at how glamorously the setting sun took the stage over the rolling newly combined corn fields.  I ran in awe of Him! And funny enough He started talking to me.  
He reconfirmed something that has been gnawing at me; I AM a public speaker.

Yes this is pretty major revelation while coming upon the big white barn during my evening run.   The truth is I have been on many stages at various phases and careers in my life but always speaking in front of people.   I have loved every minute of it even those times I fell flat on my face from humiliation and failure.  

Somehow something shifted in me in 2008.  I got married .... and had a baby....poof just like that!  Now, I'll admit, I was good at being single....I owned it....I knew who I was....all that jazz!  Then came a baby in a baby carriage.  I lost any ounce of confidence I once possessed as I embarked on this journey of being a new mom.   I wasn't what you would call a 'natural' I was kinda on the opposite end of that spectrum.  Little did I know that baby #2 would throw me into a postpartum depression head spin.  But I'm not here to rehash all of that (you can read the story here).  
I'm just here to say that it may take work to achieve your dreams-to Live Decorated- 'cause let's be real: your dream isn't gonna chase you down, drop you on a sandy beach and beg you to embrace it.

What is your dream?  Where do you see yourself being successful and thriving?  Does it seem far off into the distance?  I'm sure you've heard it said, "Nothing is Impossible".....well around these parts we believe just that.  You can live out your dream.  No dream is too big.  

Honestly, my dream of being a motivational speaker, encouraging women to be their very best and to shine their light, seems just around the bend!  (I may or may not have been saying this for 5 years:)  I already AM a public speaker. (aside from the fact that I haven't been on a proper stage in 9 years:)!

But things keep coming up....questions:

How do I tell my story? Which part of the story should I tell?  Why should someone come hear what I have to say?    How can I encourage people?  
Pursue your dreams.  
Take care of YOU.  
Be generous.  
I don't know....about a hundred other things.   Where to start?  Where can you start pursuing your dreams?  The place is here, the time is now.  Use what you have.  You can do anything.

Let's walk this out together.  I'd love to be connected to you on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and you can follow me on FB too.

Loving you, 
Blu Wyatt

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