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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

growing your light...

 Back in my road warrior days I found myself in a different city and most often a different country sometimes on a weekly basis.  I had to jump on any chance that came along to catch a few winks.  I quickly learned the art of sleeping with ear plugs and a eye pillow....religiously.    I would sleep in darkness and silence literally anywhere.  (If only I could resurrect those two luxurious old friends.)

So when it was time to wake up I would allow just a tiny bit of
light through the corner of my mask.  Then I'd take out one ear plug.  After several moment of that I'd allow a little more light in....ever so gradually until I could finally take off the pillow. It wouldn't be but a few more minutes and I could open one eye.  You get the point.  I'm a night owl at the core.  Truly it was as if I had mornings on a dimmer switch.  

Is your "light" on a dimmer switch? 
Are you living in some form of darkness?  Your light could be dimmed by depression, divorce, bad medical report, someone else's words and opinions of you, heartache, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, financial troubles, unforgiveness, difficulty in your marriage or any number of negative things.  

No matter what's happened in your life or what you're experiencing right now you can shine through.  Light dispels darkness no matter how small the flame.  Start now....here....just by seeing your uniqueness as a gift you need to unwrap and share with the world.  

You might start out like a 4v nightlight in the bathroom....not a lot of light but sure helpful when you wanna make a late night trip to the potty.  You might live like that for a while before you shed some darkness, allow God to work in you and heal the brokenness...and maybe now you're shining like a flashlight.  I can tell you I'd never go camping without that all important tool in hand! 

But God doesn't want you just shining a little tiny bit....especially if you're a Christian your light is meant to shine for all to see....like the dawn shining brighter and brighter till the noonday sun. Now you and I both know how bright that noonday sun is on a cloudless day.  

Let's be light to those around us by being positive, encouraging, helpful and kind.  Sharing grace freely and readily without complaining.  Extending mercy without judgment.  Being grateful.  

Simple? Not always....not usually, if we're honest.  

One move at a time we can affect the world for change....I'm starting right here at home with the woman in the mirror.  

What gets you excited about 2017?  Comment below ... let's hear it! 

Love n glitter,

Blu Wyatt 

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