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Thursday, December 8, 2016

What's hiding in your drawers?

I have a secret candy stash.  I used to call it a chocolate stash until recently when I opened a desk drawer to find lolly pops, skittles, gum and sweet tarts.  Halloween candy remnants.  They’re all over…..the shoe closet, lingerie drawer,  office desk, kitchen cupboards, laundry room and even the garage.

There may be a problem here but I can’t give it a thought now.   

Good news alert: after the holidays we’re going to throw out all the junk; sugar (cane, powdered and both shades of brown), chocolate chips and yes…..even flour ….not to mention ALL of my candy stash.  On a high note: most likely I’ll be rediscovering my hiding places for months to come …. I’m sure I’ll be fine:)

If you can’t tell, I feel far more “picked up” from our last conversation.  I attribute this fact to the powerful combination of prayer and gratitude … it pulled me through the muck and yes, I’m officially on the other side.   One way I’m choosing to look at this is….I’m so blessed to be able to have a story….past experiences….ups and downs....where I get a chance to share with others and perhaps even see lives changed through the power of testimony.  I’ve walked through so much…and am currently walking through.  One day I’ll be able to share all and we can take this thing on the road:)  

Hey, seriously though, if you need prayer for anything feel free to comment below or message me and I’ll be sure to pray for you.  With all my heart I pray now….that you would know His Love.....that you would turn all your heart to the Creator of all things (of you) .... tune in and listen to what He has to say to you….about your life, your walk, your talk, your finances, your business, your marriage, your kids.   
His plans for you have always been  good ones….great in fact! 
Let’s get our thoughts and words in line … to step into the greatness He’s designed especially for each one of us.  
I'd LOVE if you'd comment below if you have a secret you’d like to relate over my love for chocolate …or any little secret you have:)  Let's hear it. 

visit and subscribe to the YouTube channel here.  thanks and have an amazingly awesome weekend.  Wait a sec, I’ll see you on Facebook Live before then.  Peace out, neighbors.

Blu Wyatt.

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