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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

a place for everything

Leaving it all behind
9 days
We’re at a point where we have to figure out what fits in what container in order to be packed into the car….errr…..correction….MINIVAN!  Getting the right bag, sack, box, bin, or case for every single thing that goes on this huge journey is like successfully marrying your sister off to the right man…which by the way, I get to do soon.

So I’ll welcome you into my little world of packing ... with pictures ….

  • I just transferred the teeny sewing kit into a Toms bag…and a few books in another  
  • all my jewelry making bits are housed in the Adventurer tackle box I got from my dad and painted….
  • undies in a Victoria’s Secret bag I found at Stuff…
  • papers in the mini Wilson Jones filing pouch thingy 
  • office and art supplies in the blue Estee Lauder bag…..

  • what do I do about a purse?  
  • I love my Dune bag but is it practical?  
  • My Consuela bag is a must.  Or is it?  Is anything a must?
  • Also, my Swiss Gear backpack could serve as a purse but that thing is huge…and maybe too guy like and cumbersome for my everyday taste…..hiking and exploring for sure.  
  • What about for an evening out…I simply can’t take a giant crossover back!  
  • Do you see?  why I need so many purses?  Don’t even get me started on my shoes.  I can’t go there…not here and not now.  Mama got some shoe issues I’m not willing to divulge at this hour. 

  • All of a sudden I am down to 2 hats but I find myself only liking ONE….which is sad considering I’m SO used to going to the pool with a big floppy hat on my head…..it’s kinda my thing.  Now…..nothing for the pool.  
  • Have I made a mistake giving away all my hats?  Too late to ask that question….I’ve planted seed in a few ladies and I know they will be blessed wearing those beauties….and that’s that!

Little Bits 
  • Tool Box
  • Guitar
  • Yoga Mat
  • jewelry box 
  • tool belt
  • books
  • protein powder 
  • and on and on with randomness 

  • call all companies who send us mail (or at least the ones I can remember anyway) and change our address….as well as fill out the moving forms with the Post Office.  Have I told you how much I love our little sweet local post office….what a treasure…find a cool one near your neck of the woods.
  • Place an ad in the paper : moving sale this weekend
  • schedule donation pickups (so I don’t have to haul all this stuff to the city)
  • After the 29th everything gets donated 
  • Christian online school requirements…just do it, yo!
  • so many more things I shan’t share them all.  
it's amazing to me just how much fit in this one!

Just know this…in the hustle and bustle I’m making time to do 3 things:
  1. spend time in solitude and silence at the feet of Jesus 
  2. take pictures of the process (when I remember)
  3. spend more time playing with my kids and teaching them values

Hope y’all find joy in the little things…we all have something to be grateful for.

Blu Wyatt
I had to add color to this UGLY tool box...so I used Pratt & Lambert swatches

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