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Thursday, July 6, 2017

it's followed me ALL MY LIFE!!!

what do I do?  It's everywhere!

  • it’s fragile
  • powerful
  • practical 
  • messy
  • fancy
  • obnoxious
  • personal
  • functional
  • necessary
  • informational
  • entertaining  
  • useful
  • artful
  • and sometimes confidential

It’s followed me around 
all my life
everywhere I turn
more paper

what’s my problem with paper
you ask?  as if it's an abnormal thing to have a strong distaste for something so.... ALL OVER THE PLACE.
Well, it makes spaces look messy, for one reason...sticky notes come to mind.  strung about here and there.  and the MAIL....IT KEEPS COMING!

once you pay them what do you do?
file them
burn them
scan them
email them
shred them
save them
lose them

Important papers like:
social security cards
marriage license 
birth certificates 
Grandma's diary
Oh and let's not forget:


Then there's the pretty paper 
greeting cards (I always have a stash)
notepads (don't you love getting one in the mail?)
journals (helpful...powerful...meaningful)
And most importantly of all: the Bible

There's such a super message we could learn from using paper.  
What is that lesson?
I don’t know
think about it 
and leave a comment below.

I'm choosing to learn, Paper ...you are highly valuable and I need you in my life.  I would rather give you up for good but let's face it....we need each other.  I can no longer run away and hide or stuff you into desk drawers, cabinets and closets.  

One paper I enjoy on a daily basis is that of the potty nature. Except when it's too thin and you're at the pool and your hands are wet and well....I think you get the gist. 

I must make peace with paper

It may sound strange...
but to live life on the road…..in a mere month:)
I just have to figure out 
what to do with ALL THIS PAPER!!!!



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