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Saturday, July 29, 2017

letting it all hang out there

This road that I'm on I know it so well
(The road to Grandpa's) 
the twists the turns the bumps
The acres of corn and beans
They decorate this moment for me 

Gravel roads lead me every which way
The sun sets behind the silk of the corn
The not so subtle aroma of the hogs across the field ...
bring me home 
Ahhhh country perfume, nothing like it 

Wildflowers everywhere 
The north breeze blows 
I'm here 
In this moment 
More alive than I've ever been 

Arriving at Grandpa's big barn
The chipped red paint
The old crooked window
The feel of tall grass getting caught between my toes

Floating on cloud nine:
The Presense of God propelled me all day long 
The perfect easy chill morning with Him
The birds play a tune  
the people slowly and sporadically flow in 
the sale went well today

Here and now.... midnight this Saturday morning:
The cadence of the bathroom vent fan 
Drives me a bit mad
Only when I notice it over the 
ringing in my ears 

The boys sleep
I should be there too
But He speaks to me
He wants me to make an effort 
To stretch 
To yoga pilates 
Get the mat  
Push play and WORK!!!

Where's your drive? 
Where's the ambition?
Who is this lazy piece I see before me?
The mirror doesn't lie
I see what I see
Deep inside 

Crying out to hear Him
Am I really listening?

I give out of a heart of compassion 
This love for my neighbor ...
Heck, I'm about to make 3 apple pies!!!
I must love these people!

Keeping -- the things that go with us
The honey is a must
Ziploc (sounds good) 
Games (gonna need those)
Guitar (even though none of us know how to play or happen to be taking any lessons)
Quilts (we all need at least 3) 
Yoga mat which I had better get my butt used to using 
No excuses!!!
Loads of electronics 
iPads - 2
iPhones - 3
Tablets - 2
Laptops - 3 
Mobile DVD player 
Bose speaker

Still there?
I'm not exactly....this is way passed my bedtime and I really want this surprise post to be authentic and raw...just as I am 
Remember .... no judge!

Goodnight....talk soon
Love y'all


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