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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Butterfly Wings

Hey Y’all … I missed you this week.  Really, I’ve thought about sharing with you several times but each time I put the brakes on.  I didn’t want to break my Wednesday post schedule….as it’s the ONLY thing I’m consistent with in my life right now….that and brushing my teeth …. well sometimes I slip through the cracks on that one.  

Last week I was asked to do a mural for the church’s nursery … something happy and inspiring.  So on one of the walls, I painted this funky purple and blue butterfly ... and I have to say:  I just love how it turned out.  I left a little dab of Blu....with glitter!!!
the other wall in the church nursery

A lady from the church came up to me that Sunday and said she thought I was like that butterfly….fluttering around town here and there and soon to be gone.  

So it got me thinking….I AM like that butterfly.

 ugly caterpillar beginning
flying was impossible
chains held me bound
fear, pride, insecurities, depression

I wanted to be more
to go somewhere and to do something 
I had grandiose ideas of luxury and adventure
yet the chains held me bound

Who am I to do big things?
Who am I to change the world….
When I can’t even get up off the floor?

There was a day and a time that life was unbearable.  You've read the posts.  You know.  
But now….things are different.  

I still fight my battles, we all do.  
But I’m more centered…..
oh yeah, medicated:)   there’s that.  

But really, I’ve found peace in the knowing 
I don’t need to have it all together, 
always be cheery, 
or know all the answers.   
(As if I ever did anyway!)   
I can just breathe and be me as best I can….
spreading love, joy, and kindness everywhere I venture.

I guess you could say this butterfly has found her wings….
God is just adding the color as we speak.   

I’m about to launch into the great unknown with my family in tow…..and I’m baffled how God could love me so much as to give me this crazy cool life…..this life of travel (I gave it up for so many years to start this family). And now here we are.

Stay Tuned for the Latest Update on the BIG Adventure:
  • Leaving the farm August 4th read here if you’re new to the story.
  • down to 3 beds, 2 dressers and 2 blow up mattresses (and LOADS of little bits about)  
  • I have a friend flying from Texas to drive our Land Rover back home for sale next week.
  • We have a physical address…I know I’ve already told you but this is huge news…..someone to receive and open all our mail…BIG weight lifted off our shoulders.  Oh and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a Laguna Beach address!  Loving my God and the little winks He sends my way.
  • Ridding myself of all my material possessions has been an eye opening experience thus-far.   The garage is stocked full of stuff to sell next weekend in the moving sale...and I plan on keeping my head on straight throughout this process.....might need some prayer on that one.
  • I get to deliver (perform, if you will) my Spoken Word “Love and Be Loved” this Sunday and I’m gonna Facebook Live the whole thing…..WooooHooooo….join me this Sunday at 10:40ish.
  • The convertible has been properly disposed of (traded in) in exchange for a ….. wait for it …………  
  • a  M I N I V A N ! ! ! ! !   Yes ma’am you read right.   This hip mama is gonna cruise around the states in a mom wagon.    And I’m gonna love every minute of it!  It’s HUGE (compared to the Rover) with buttons that open and close doors….this is luxe y’all.   

  • From Volvo and Land Rover to a Nissan Quest…..the name says it all, friends.  
  • I am on a quest…to find our next home…somewhere near a beach.
  • In addition to our launching week in Vegas …. we booked Talent, Oregon for a month and Oceanside, CA  (on THE BEACH) for a month….all the rest is simply details waiting to be discovered.
  • please keep an eye on Facebook Live with me...more to come as I face my insecurities head on...no more caring what other people think.

I will leave you with some pictures of the week to update you visually with the happenings on the farm.  
God Bless and Talk Soon…..see you on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and yes, even Facebook.

All the best, 


The super good news is He doesn't just have cool plans for my life....He's got a whole bunch of awesomeness in store for you too.  Man, I could preach right here. . . . so much stirs in my soul when I think about you.... 
Where you are...how you're coping...what you're facing....
are you coming here broken?  In need of answers?  
hmmmmm.....my heart sincerely hopes you find what you're looking for...in life...in love...in Him.  

new luggage....fresh with gold painted words

boys diggning in Grandpa's garden...rich Iowa soil.

my closet in it's current state.....barren

summer napping

Oasis Coffee Shop downtown Tipton...where all my art wound up
not to mention all this furniture and the mural in the front room

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