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Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm finally cooking! miracles do happen

I'm used to calling a recipe a "menu" because that's all I'm used to reading when it comes to food so I had to share this video Marc & I filmed today of me cooking my first meal in....uh....maybe....uh....OK...who knows when!  We're on day 9 of this Fat Sick and Nearly Dead lifestyle shift that will NOT just be a little "get skinny" diet but an entire change to our lives, habits, health & kids!

I'm sitting here typing while my tummy grumbles ....first time in ages.  Loving it!  When I was skinny (and mildly healthy) I loved going to bed between 2-4am with a rumbly belly but since I've been pregnant or nursing for 4 years I'm used to stuffing myself silly in the name of "making enough milk for the baby".  Ha!  He's now 18 months and if my milk dries up we'll all be just fine:)

Enjoy my silly but very serious attempt at dinner...with a twist at the end.  If you don't wanna sit through till the end...let me give you a tip...Marc ends up finishing my work as always:)  No seriously...
please watch....

and laugh....

because I always do whenever I think of myself in the kitchen for anything other than cleaning up my husband's mess after a meal.

mental note for accountability purposes: MUST CHANGE THAT!!!!

hugs & yummy marshmallow dreams...

all I used to make in my kitchen were s'mores from time to time over my gas stove or a candle......
the simple life of a flat belly and limitless sugar!!!! 

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