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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Packed full of adventure :: PAINT, sweets, music & money

Ever notice life, in all its excitement, flying by you faster than you can grab the camera?  Sometimes at the end of the day I get excited to share with you some of my adventures....only to remember I didn't have the foresight to capture them on film.  Stories, at least in my book of life, are much more colorful when told with pictures....I mean, HELLO...just read my writing & you'll agree.

So my goal and promise to you is that I will not only have my camera in my purse at all times (already have that one down), I'll actually pull it out....then USE it!  Imagine what this story could sound, er...I mean look like after a couple weeks or months of faithful practice.

Picture time: I've been really enjoying Instagram but my phone is a bit...uh....well utilized, we'll say....so the pictures it takes are....uh.....less than perfect.   since my camera didn't see past the lining in my purse this week...this is the best my sweet sturdy phone could do:)

these awesome flowers growing right outside my front door....thanks Pam!

my friends at Sherwin Williams & Lowe's have been making my projects great!

mini carrot cakes--you can have 10 and no one would even notice...YUMMMM

live music enhances ANY moment...thanks Alistair!!!!

afternoon playtime with his "pennies"

funky 3D art by Nate Jensen that caught my eye at Discount  Electronics
not only was Lance Armstrong on the wall, there was Sandra Bullock, George W. Bush,
Willie Nelson & some other folks....all pretty funny!

So the concise recap of my adventures from the past few days....ever mindful of decorating life each step of the way:

  • T finished swim lessons--now loves the water:)
  • thrifting (lots)
  • sanding
  • painting (3 days worth actually... of nasty oil based paint which resides sporadically on my body, in my hair, on the driveway, in both cars, on coffee mugs and bits on my purse:)
  • sealing
  • designing
  • tearing apart
  • rebuilding
  • repurposing
  • recovering
  • baking---yes, ME baking cupcakes from scratch.....simultaneously painting...one, yes, only ONE batch burned in the nutty process
  • live music poolside
  • goodbye to a friend...moved to NYC (NYC best be good to Vivian)
we even did a few videos I'd love to share....but until my video editing friend can join this process I'll have to keep my  Live Decorated snail pace & you'll have to just live with it.  Wanna know the truth?  I talk a LOT!!!  Which in turn means loads of editing so my videos aren't 15 minutes or more.  

Video's coming soon:
  • Exterior staging (2 months ago)
  • Garage Door funnies (2 months ago)
  • Bless Your Man--building my shelves for the laundry room (which I finished about a month ago) 
  • and random little bits of our goofy lives as they happen...and how YOU can Live Decorated.

                                           Tip for the day:
Don't stress about what you DIDN'T accomplish today!  Focus on the highlights of the day & tell God what you're thankful for.

Today my list of "didn't make it there yet" run a full sheet of paper in length....and if you're like me you'll stay up all night trying to catch up so tomorrow starts off right.  


Praise God for who He is!  
Thank Him for what He's done!  
Cast ALL your cares on Him!  
Drink a glass of water...
                                                                  ::::::::::::::::  then GO TO BED!!!!!

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