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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Listed :: we're back!

Miss me?  I'm just sure of it!  Wednesday afternoon Marc informed me the photographer would arrive at 1pm to shoot our house & we would put it on the market when the pictures came back.  Ha!  Do you know what that meant? 

I had to get the entire house ready in less than 24 hours as opposed to the week I thought I had.  OK, Honey. 

So well into the wee hours of the morning I toiled and moved furniture & painted & hung artwork.  Even moved a pull-out couch from another house (with the help of my husband after the boys went down).  Whew!  Even when the photographer was shooting the living room I was still mopping the bedroom.  When he was shooting the master I was painting the laundry room shelves (I had only built the day before).

So when Marc said..."hey, let's head down to Aunt Sunday's"  I nearly jumped out of my seat...."yes!....leave now?"    Couldn't ask for a more perfect time to leave...the house is clean, sheets ironed, no trash, everything PERFECT....let's go!  In 2 hours I had the car packed.  After about 46 stops we arrived about 12:30am.

So, you must know....I'm only about 18 posts behind on my Home Staging Project.  I'm sure I'll have time to get to that....uh.....next week?:!:!!)!!(!)   house pics & staging tips soon....really!  For now, here are a couple of pictures from our trip.

 Inspired by the Kentucky Derby ladies sporting their fancy outfits & big hats I had a bit of a Hat Expo of my own.  My Aunt Sunday has about 873 hats & I went hog wild.
 still in my bathing suit I couldn't help myself---hats inspire me.  I had about 6 more on but didn't remember the camera bit!
 this one wasn't my style at all, hence the tight cropping....did I mention I need a camera crew?   
 I love just about anything vintage....here is what's left of her compact & pill box collection after Melissa & I selected our favorites (I held back a bit so as not to wipe out the collection completely:)
vintage hand bags....HELLO!!!!!  Marc said..."what would you do with more vintage bags?"  Men! 
 Grandma Barb's Cape Cod collection was handed down to Sunday & this is just a corner of the display cabinet....you like how I stacked 'em up?
 My boys always have a blast but when the weather allows for pool time our stay is much more enjoyable! what cuties!
 How perfect is Aunt Sunday's timing & hospitality....I love that I was able to capture Marc & T in the background as Sunday goes in for a morsel.
 This was the sunrise view at the pool during my morning prayer time....its so easy to focus on my Creator when the view is breathtaking.
 another fantastic view....Long Pond at Sunset. 
 The other side of Long Pond...all you see are the lily pads with their beautiful blooms.  The water is hiding so cleverly. 

Tough shot but I love the view into this gigantic tree with the plant growing from its base.  Nature....isn't God creative?!!!

Our journey was in many ways a divine appointment....we are so blessed to be walking out God's plan for us and blessing others along the way.  God is faithful & He loves YOU!!!! 
Thanks for taking this journey with us....and for having patience if you're hangin' on for the staging tips, pics & videos!  It's a lot more behind the scenes work that I'm not great at.  Staging & decor...EASY!  Video editing...NOT EASY! 

Hugs n sweet smelling flowers in your hair...

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