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Thursday, May 31, 2012

random art creations :: office sneak peek

Last night I stayed up till who knows what time with some old wood, paint, hot tea and my kitty.  Here's what I came up with...
"Have Faith in God and you will have VICTORY"

Thought I'd share...

Also, all the work on Marc's office:
bought 2 amazing desks at the thrift store for $25 each
painted each high gloss Maxi Teal then covered them with a gorgeous black & white graphic fabric then had some glass cut for the top--coulda spent a LOT less buying new desks but would they be this fabulous?  I think NOT!

The rest of the room is on hold because of how much money we've spent thus far but on its way are floor to ceiling curtains in stunning bay window, round conference room table (a.k.a. black dining table), 4 chairs, cozy chair for this corner and I think that about does it....oh and more art.  The one above might go in there if I make a sister piece:)

I forgot to take a close up & this is actually with my phone so a better picture with an actual camera is a must to showcase this room.  I also bought the chair at a thrift store and recovered it in polka dots:)  Happy space, huh:!:??  Will have to make a follow up post with more pictures.  oh...one more thrift store find...miracle actually!  Hold onto your pocket book....the mirror.....$20!!!!  I know!  

This is all I've been working on this week and it feels good to have half of it finished!  I still have to finish the 2nd chair but attaching the buttons are the big challenge...first for me too!

So, yes, this is quite a boring post if not for some pictures.  ni night....let the excitement return tomorrow after some rest & pain meds:)  could use your prayers as well...thanks!

Remember....God loves you & has amazing plans for your life...oh, and YOU are beautiful!!!

love n hugs n polka dots


1 comment:

  1. OH my goodness, I LOVE your office! It's so cute already! You're finding some really great pieces--please share your secrets.


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