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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Kept Small Town Secret

We've all done it. We drive past a cutie pie place your eyes just couldn't get enough of so you must stop for a look-see.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend my Honey and I were driving back to Aunt Sunday's house in Angleton, TX.  I sat in the passenger seat (Instagramming my last visual catch)
Marc suddenly spun the car around to stop at just such a place.  "Did you see that? we have to stop!"  I looked up from my phone to see a "Tuxedo" sign and a abnormally tall vintage crib setup as an outdoor yard ornament of sorts.
my future herb garden needs this gem to adorn her

 Upon entering Chic and Shabby Consignment Shoppe we found the most adorable hippy chic boutique clothing, glittery jewelry, random bits n bobs, some vintage flair and a huge wall full of formal and cocktail dresses...if that weren't enough there was also unique art & furniture.  It felt like a neat and tidy eye candy shop to be sure.

Why am I telling you all about this as if you're going to drive all the way to small town Angleton? Because everyone, in every part of the world, need to find out about the little town treasures right in their own backyard.  Maybe now that Sunday knows this place is more than just a tux supply she'll share the good news with all the sweet folks of Angleton.
a blurry glimpse at some fun finger bling (they have LOADS!!)

So here you have it Texas....Angleton secrets revealed.  Maybe we'll be coming to your town soon:)

In closing, I must tell you the rest of the story.  By the grace of God we found the most stunning gold & silver dress that my sweet Honey bought me for our Christmas Eve special (TBA).  We also found a glimmer-y massive ring to match and a black vintage purse, which I'll have to use all the time....oh, yes, a work of art (which I forgot to photograph) AND a perfectly vintage screen in happy yellow
(when Aunt Sunday n Uncle Tom deliver our goodies in a couple weeks we'll share it then)

on with the pictures already......
my favorite sticker for merchandise!  handmade soy candles--call to order:)
just a sampling of the glam
even the bathroom floor is hand painted!

Daughter has the consignment shoppe and right across the street Mama has The Jade Shoppe, this cutsie shop where they're finishing up the alterations on my gown. I totally want to bless these owners by sending loads of business their way so call and see if they take orders:)
you'd never know such treasures await you behind these doors.

more rhinestones than I've seen in a LONG time!  and I love glitz.
dresses and more dresses
and here you have it.....my love for gold and silver tied all up into my beautiful new dress.
now you'll have to stay tuned to find out how you can be a part of this wonderful Christmas Eve celebration

Did I mention after I went home to drop off Marc I collected Aunt Sunday, my Sis and my niece.  Here's a bit of that repeat.
we love to be silly and cause a bit of a scene, don't we?

what is that look all about?  I'm acting like I'm the fashion boss or something
Oh, she's just trying dresses over her jeans....I assure you this would not be the finished product!

I may have found my new style...or at least part of it.  I LOVE leggings, boots and a big flouncy shirt!   totally ME!

even a spot for the men to enjoy the experience:)
visit the link above for more information and to find Mother and Daughter duo Martha and Julie....send 'em my love!

Have a super blessed day, week, month, Christmas and New Year friends!
Diella Wyatt

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  1. Thank you for your kind words and we enjoyed waiting on you. The pictures look great and truly capture what we hope people see when they come to visit. We hope that your dress is a success and would love you to stop by and visit on your next trip down to Angleton.
    Martha Cox " The Jade Shoppe"


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