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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finally, my fresh beginning arrives

  Today's the day...the official day.

My court date to change my name.  Here's how it went down...the short of it.

Running late
Kids shoes....where?
Finally IN the car (yes it's a minivan)
Gas tank empty
You must be kidding!!!!
Drop T at Honey's office
Pull up for gas 
Can't find debit card!!!!!!
Found it....random!
Pump gas
Put makeup on while waiting
Drive away happy 

Drive like a speed racer (sorry police officer friends)
Make it to courthouse
Ko celebrates in the back seat "yeah, we made it" (not sure where he learned that one)
Frantically swing my huge bag over my shoulder & Ko over my arm.
Whizz past security unscathed
Sprint up the stairs 8 minutes past my appointment 
Court officer informs me I missed my opening I can't wait till judge can fit me in
Oh boy!!!
Wait some more
Observation: Ko is a precious little gentleman....so quiet & well-mannered
Finally I'm called.....nervous.....
After swearing in the judge asked me to plead my case
Uh....ummm.....I would like to change my name.....I said

Now is the part where I sense the peace of God.  Even though I was clearly not saying the right thing and was slightly confused by the court terminology.  "Plead your case" she wanted me to "present the evidence".....huh??!?  Thankfully I'm not in a court environment too often....or I'd be in trouble.

So I was sent away having not filled out the final order form....oops! Meanwhile Ko is just sitting on his bench playing the iPad .....sans noise:)

Now it's worth mentioning that the lady in uniform handling the courtroom (no idea what they're called) was a precious gem of a lady.  She even came to tell me my jacket was folded up (from my trip to the restroom:) and the entire time I was in front of the judge:) my little giggle ....

Up again....oh yeah, the guy in front of me was changing his name as well.....what are the odds?? Basically he gave me the script of what to say when you say it....this wasn't his first time here clearly. What's his story, I must know.
I put a little smile on her face when I told her I knew what I was doing this time:) 
The finality of this happy, chopped up story is simply.........I passed..

My name is legally 

Yeah!!!!! I feel like I should celebrate as if it were birthday ......all week....starting NOW!!!  I guess I'll have to mention that to my Honey:)

Oh and my new temporary drivers license is gorgeous but I can't wait to get the real one in the mail:)

Love n kisses

just check out my little man celebrating life


  1. Congrats on the name change! Have you written an explanation of your name? I read Marc's post...loved it! Made me miss you!

    1. Did I ever reply to this via Facebook? I hope so....if not, I'm sorry Kara, beauty. Yes, it's on the blog...the link of my name at the bottom of each post takes you to it if you click. It was a post written Sept 25th 2012....there ya have it. How are ya Miss Change the World One Day At A Time:)


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