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Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK blessing ... Organized ...almost

  Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing human being...I think we can all agree?  As I think about all the good things he did for this country and the world I reflect on how important each and every one of us are.  We each have a special calling and gift(s) that are unique to us.  What if Mr. King didn't step out and speak up?  He never would've accomplished the will of God for his life.  Even deeper: where would this country be had he not walked out his calling by faith?

Maybe your calling doesn't include the
government giving you your own DAY but that doesn't mean you are any less important to Him....to those around you....to this WORLD!

Ask yourself: "what is God calling me to do?"  "Am I in God's perfect will for my life?"  All you have to do is ask Him to reveal to you what you need to know or see or be doing.  He will show you the steps to take to get back on track, no matter how great or small.
Yesterday I had a great friend come over just to hang out but when we were working on projects in the garage she saw my frustration.  You see I can't stand clutter and mess!!!!  The garage was spilling over with toys, tools and leftover Christmas do-dads not to mention the heaping pile of who-knows-what that came from my husbands last truck clean out project.  I was overwhelmed and rather than creating gorgeous pieces for her salon (which is what we were there to do) she helped me organize and clean out my garage.  It was a prayer answered in more ways than one.  

So in that one act of kindness my friend used her gift of organization to help a woman in need; not even really knowing the depth of the thing.

I took this picture to show you part of my organization process for projects at hand...the rolling tray, old radio old wood for art, mirror project & 4 chairs are all waiting for my attention. 

Love and a productive restful Martin Luther King Jr.

Diella Wyatt 

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