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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

locked out...how we got back in...the miracle story!

What a night!!!!  You wouldn’t believe what happened....so I’d better tell ya before I forget the details and move onto the next exciting adventure.  We returned home from a visit with friends in far north Austin around 7:30pm.  I delayed the inevitable long enough it was time to go to work.  I headed out for the salon I’m currently redesigning around 10pm knowing I had a long night ahead of me....hanging shelves and painting.
after phase 3 of the salon transformation...more than halfway there....stay tuned for more pictures please lovely.

As you may already know I hate making several
unnecessary trips loading or loading.  Usually it goes like this: I try to carry as much as I possibly can the first trip, before I can make it back to the car I’ve already been distracted to focus on another task, forget I’m unloading, leave the car for hours until a neighbor knocks on my door to say our car is open.  Yep, that’s typically how loading goes for me.

This trip was NO different; load or unload.  After passing through the salon’s first door weighed down (quite painfully so)  with a heavy, awkward load I immediately flung everything to the ground, unlocked the  actual salon door before running back into the cold night to retrieve the rest of my goodies.  While carrying a heavy table to the door it dawns on me......I LEFT THE KEYs.....ALL OF THEM.......INSIDE!!!!!  What?@!?E?E?!?!@@#$$$  This isn’t happening to me!  
All I could do was laugh, rather uncontrollably.  I got in my car (thank God my car keys were still on me) and I drove.  Where will I go?  What will I do at this hour (10:47pm) with no phone or even phone numbers of ANYONE other than my husband (whom I can guarantee is fast asleep in bed)!!!!!
More laughter....nearly delirious...I really do need some sleep tonight! 

Finally, more dawning of ideas!  Rather than go to a convenient store I’m going to a friend’s house...who happens to live on the street I’m about to come to (talking as if it’s happening all over againJ)
Knock on the door...still laughing!  Finally they open the door....and just stand there dumbfounded as I try to explain what has happened...through my nervous laughter.....the light bulb goes off .... she gets meJ  Now I have texting, calling chain going to anyone she knows that might have this salon owner’s phone number.  NO ONE was picking up....NO ONE is texting back......feeling a wee all alone!

I thought I remembered a phone number being on a sign outside the door saying if you’re there after hours call this number kinda thing.  So my lovely girlfriend agreed to go with me back to the building and call the number for me.  We get all the way back there and there’s NO NUMBER!  You hear me???  It says “press the call button”....heheheheehehehehehheeeeee

I can’t stop laughing!  My girl gives me this look I’ll never forget for all my life....grabs the door handle and PULLS!!!!  She pulled the door wide open without so much as a flinch or a blink.  It opened!!!!  The door that always locks as it closes was OPENED!!!!!  Then after doing a serious nut job happy dance all over that lobby I asked her to go back outside and see if the door locked and SURE ENOUGH....it locked....automatically....just as it was created to do.

can't help it....what a night!  Thank God for Leslie!!!!
Well guess what folks.....my God is greater than a lock on a door and I’m not ashamed to say it!  He is one GOOD, AMAZING, faithful, loving God!!!!!  Wow....then I had a helper and she helped me for 2 hours clean, hang shelves and all kinds of work while we laughed and rejoiced at what the Lord did for me tonight.  Thanks be to GOD for getting me into that building because the only other way was to spend the night in the parking lot waiting for someone to open the door. 
What a fabulous miracle for me to celebrate! 
My advice to you....
trust God in every situation!!!!

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