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Thursday, January 10, 2013

new super fabulous CUSTOM iPhone case

I admit, it took a wee bit to get past the mild case of shock from reading my husband’s post....about ME and then the new year kicked into high gear leaving me no time to reply or share some of the weeks of interesting material that’s been piling up on my iPhone.

You know as well as anyone, even if this is your first visit to my blog
that I love beautiful things and every change I get to beautify my world is a chance I jump at.   However, I can’t take the credit for this one.  My Honey had the groupon receipt in my stocking for Christmas.  The funny thing was my old case (as gorgeous as it was) was hanging on by the grace of Mr. Scotch (tape that is) for months!    I taped & re-taped until I thought I could bear it no longer (anyone hear the Downton Abbey effect on my accent?) yet he said I couldn't buy one.....WAIT, he would say.

  I spent only a couple hours designing its layout and waited for days on end...FINALLY....It’s HERE!!!!  

observe the opening process.....

if anyone wants to create their own or even use this design let me know....I'd love for more folks to Live Decorated and if that means having a gorgeous phone case then I'm all for it!  Beauty can transform even the simplest moments into grand memories! 
Buy a case for around $40 and carry your own statement of beauty.  Your kids, grandkids, your favorite work of art or even scripture can be added.  OH BOY!!!!!  OH MAN!!!  That's where I missed it....I didn't add a scripture verse!  If I were to design another I'll be sure to include one of my favorites....Proverbs 3:5-6 perhaps:)  
admittedly the pictures would've been FAR better!!!!  I was at rehearsal when I opened the package and couldn't wait to get it on my phone...this was the best I could do under the circumstance:)   

every detail simply perfect!

one fault I did find with mycustomcase.com is that they did NOT provide a picture of the sides so I had no way of knowing if they image would wrap.  I ordered the case in faith that it would in fact wrap and I was relieved & quite pleased when I opened it.
Perhaps I'll share my ideas with them:)  Even the customer service guy I called said if you get it with the rubber bumper thing (my phrasing) then it won't wrap...note to company.....it does so BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!
What would YOUR ideal phone case have on it?  What would you like to look at everyday to perhaps remind you to do something or believe a certain way.  

Daily Lesson: remind yourself daily of where you're going in life.  Where is God taking you?  It's sure to be an adventure so start off right each day by speaking life ....and blessings....you will see a major shift in your world....get your words in line with His word and you can't lose...anything is possible my friends!!!!!
myCustomCase.com is my new found friend for all my friends to find
Can we all agree the presentation is top notch?
I took my time opening it since I wanted to savor the entire experience

If you'd like a custom case and you comment here I can give the first 5 folks a 25% off coupon toward your purchase.  Coupon expires in Feb2013:)

Grand Hugs and Handshakes,

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