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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life Changing Iowa Adventure: Day 2: Part 2: from a 5K to the wedding

Still with me?  If you have no idea we were in the middle of an adventure head back to 3 Summer Me's and catch up...then you'll be ready for what's in store.

My journey to Iowa was nothing short of life changing.  After the 5K and our community 5K breakfast I made a run to Walmart (the only store in this tiny town) for some panties.   In my mind's eye, supported by the fact that I don't have a watch, I figured there was plenty of time before the wedding so I took a farm road adventure in my little Fiat.  I've always loved back roads and since I learned to drive here I knew them pretty well.
I just love old barns.  It makes me sad when they're in this condition but it takes a lot of work to maintain a farm

As I stopped in front of this barn for a little
breather I prayed and asked God what He wanted to do next.  For the first time in my life I was traveling with God and actually bringing Him into every moment.  From the barn I kept taking turns trying to find that one back road to the other side of town.  I found it.  The same road in fact where the 5K U-turn was this morning.  I felt like such a local:)

In my road trip with God I felt I had to go to the running track so I pulled in and had another heart melting moment observing the clouds and reflecting on His majesty.  "God change me" is still my heart. After many moments passed I asked God "where's the shot?"  By this obviously I meant I was looking for a shot to capture the moment and burn it into my memory (that's just how I work).

I noticed a man about to walk onto the bleachers.  Now, let me just say when you totally surrender to God, His will and His plans for you you'd better be ready to step out of your comfort zone.  Maybe I'm here for Him went through my mind but I was still having my sobbing, life-changing moment with God and wasn't ready to reach out yet.

Ahhhh, I see my shot!

As I lined up this shot He spoke to me "walk the straight and narrow"  as I started to walk forward I looked up once again at the beauty of His creation in the sky and crossed the line toward the center of the track.  Almost immediately He spoke to me "if you get off track turn to me and I'll help you back into my plan for you."  Again, I find myself crying just from the awe of the moment and the joy I felt in hearing His voice so clearly in my heart.

Then I noticed the man again....running the bleachers, in his own world.  As he neared the bottom steps I asked him "what are you doing?"
"excuse me?:
"what are you doing here?"
"running the bleachers"
"for exercise"
why this man running bleachers seemed so strange to me is still a little baffling but in the moment I was taken back.  So during our conversation I come to find out he's not even supposed to be here.  He lives in another town and was on his way to Davenport to pick up his wife.  He just thought he'd stop off here for some exercise.  Ha!  There is no coincidence with God, this man was here for a reason and God sent me to this place when I should've been in the shower getting ready for that wedding.

I told him what I felt God was having me share with him, although my tears started flowing again.  He then started telling me about how he wasn't happy with how his life was going so he quit his job of, ummm, a lot of years (details escaped my memory) and set out on a journey to find what he was supposed to be doing....at the age of 60.  His cheerful demeanor was so easy to be around.  I could tell he was a kind man.

He told me he was about to embark on a 2 week adventure with his daughters and would just see where it took them.  What a great story I wish I could tell better:)  Here's my amateur video of the moment:

Back to the house to see about getting a shower....what time is it anyway???

randomness....entertaining, maybe, silly, yes
and yes, more ....4 videos in all....watch and ignore the hair

i'm still growing it out AND it must always stay up so as not to irritate me

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