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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Eyes Open : Here We Go

Questions whirl around 
bouncing every which way
But a peace rushes over me
as I look toward this day

Everything we own.
Sold, donated, shipped to Texas, or burned

Travel...for a year!
How long?
Not questions I'm able to answer

My thoughts and feelings change 
each day
I’m expanding my thinking  ... 
exercising my faith

Comfort zone
Walking into the great unknown
All that looks familiar  
The corn growing outside my window 
Aloe Vera thriving in the kitchen 

The climbing tree out front 
The dusty gravel road
Flowers everywhere 
Corn, cows, and hogs

This walk has been....interesting 
Learning through the pain and loneliness
Embracing change with hesitancy 
Getting comfortable just being

I have learned the art of silence and rest
At some point, I had to stop beating myself up 
And tackle the "you're being lazy" mentality
Rest is vastly different from laziness... so there.

Sometimes the greatest storms come
When you're right where you need to be
The storms may rage ... so hold onto your hat
But we will rise victoriously 

Out of the ashes
We will rise up
saying goodbye to our awesome hundred-year-old farmhouse
is bitter sweet
Shine in your very own unique way
Like only you can do

         what lies ahead...?
Lessons....adventure....change of scenery...

Let's go...
go ... trust ... with eyes open.
Join me on this journey!!  Follow all the social streams.....

meet the new owner of this FINE property.....Hi Amy!

Mucho love, blu

goodbye monkeys who love to hold
my keys
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