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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shake Up to Wake Up

Reading a great book by Lisa Bevere that I would recommend to anyone: Out of Control and Loving It!
Whatever chapter I'm in, I can't be sure but Lisa talks about when sometimes God will shake you a bit just like a mama eagle shakes the nest to make it uncomfortable for the little babies....flight lessons.  So this chapter spoke to me in so many ways, in fact, I'm reading this book which tells me right there that the Holy Spirit is trying to show me something.  I firmly believe God has been "shaking" us to prepare us for that next level which we've been praying for & desiring.....MORE of Him and less of us.  Wow, its not at all easy to be here and I have to stand firm knowing God has great things for us & growth sometimes comes with growing pains:)  God is so good & He is showering us with His love more & more & more.

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