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Sunday, April 29, 2012

shake your world :: can you handle it?

can you tell I'm slightly nervous????
This was the ONE day I felt like a princess....
due in part to a little girl saying
 "I wanna go talk to the Princess"... all day
In addition to about 92 Bible truths and 37 hysterical, belly laugh stories Dr. Art Aragon shared some things about this “Princess Ministry” thing he & his wife, JoAnn put on (man, I need more info on this).  
My basic understanding is that they help little girls discover their real worth...making them feel like the princesses they really are no matter what life has thrown their way.  These girls leave knowing they are made & loved by a great & mighty Father.  Fantastic, huh!?!
A story he told today brought my heart to the point of breaking...and again even as I type this out....in fact I don’t even know if my fingers can go through the motions.....
        deep breath...

Wiping the tears away....
for those faint of heart
you might just want to jump ahead to the stars ******** 
there’s my warning.
Imagine with me for a moment a little girl.  Pink cheeks. Long, curly hair.   The picture of joy and innocence skipping through the park on a sunny spring afternoon. (this is my imagination here...not part of the actual story)
Now imagine that same girl...SOLD!  By her mother!  FOR DRUGS!!!!!
To twisted men who abuse her AND her sister in the same room while her sick mother gets her fix.....
my stomach turns!!!! 
That sweet girl stripped of innocence....I wanna scream!!!!!
Here’s another one so if you can’t take it, again, jump ahead to the stars...warning...this is awful!!!!!
A little girl witnessed her mother....who was pregnant....be murdered by her boyfriend.....oh my goodness!!!  If that weren’t heart-breaking enough he then cut the baby out of her belly....in front of that sweet little girl! 
*******It’s shocking! *******

I’m so, so, so sorry I shared even a fraction of such heart-wrenching stories...believe me, I amNot because it made you cry....but because It’s realEven while he was telling it, from the front row, I wept, saying “no, no, no” because I couldn’t bear to hear another word. 
Do I have a point to this madness???  YES....let me get to it now!

Did you know we’re blessed TO BE A BLESSING????  Not just to be able to say “oh, I’m so blessed” or “look at all God’s done for me” 

Blessings should be pouring out from Him...to us....to the world around us. We are meant to be a light in the darkness.  Whether you want to hear about it or not it’s out there.   
In fact, if I wouldn’t have heard these stories in church I wouldn’t have ever heard them.  You see, I’m the type that can’t even stand to watch the news ... my heart is too sensitive and I either get spittin’ mad or I cry:) Neither of which are my favorite reactions to endure.
News flash: Gross darkness is in this world & we’re supposed to fight the good fight of faith.  Take a stand!  Not only for ourselves, our families but for those who can’t fight for themselves....to be the light.  Yes, that song still comes up out of my spirit every day! 

Please....open your eyes to the world around you and find out where & how God wants you to step out of your comfort zone & make a difference! Jesus said “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” 

I know I have a calling to minister to woman and encourage them to be great.  To walk in the fullness God has for them. To use the gifts God’s already generously given them. 
Each day I pray for God to lead me & anoint me to fulfill that calling & I know as I obey, lives will be changed....to the Glory of God. The same goes for YOU!
We, as women, (uh, you too guys) need to know how precious we are...how valuable we are. 

No matter what age you are, what your past looks like, what struggles you face today, what sins you’ve committed, how big or small your closet is:).....God has greatness on the inside of you and He loves you! 

Oh....and I LOVE YOU! thanks for reading & sticking with me through this journey!!!

Hugs n warm cuddles ... & a stellar week to YOU...Trish

photo taken by the talented Tiffany Hofeldt....thanks girl!

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