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Thursday, August 2, 2012

art, antiques, handmade creations

I promised more pictures so here I am...with more pictures of the wonderful people we had at our open house in Buda, TX a couple weeks ago.  There still remains a video to edit but that'll come...patience. 
** thanks to AOG Photography for some
great shots--love this art which reminds us just how much God loves US!!!  you can buy it --just call her
**photo courtesy of AOG Photography
some of the items you'd find at Wildflour (see below for link)

we like to play around with broken bits of jewelry and this frame found itself
in our "transformation" pile.  I took a picture from an old encyclopedia &
painted over it for a neat yet wacky piece of art...or put your own picture in it.
 some ornaments Natalie & I made along with lots of fun, crazy magnets...some she made & the rest I made

Nails by Mercedes dazzled us with fun color & SpaRitual
are Earth-friendly nail products...love it!!!

I always go with a funky color I would never buy when
I get a manicure since I like to step outside the box of
expectations....join me, would you?

original artwork & imported furniture galore

Koko stealing a nibble:)

DuPre Emporium was like a rock star in the master bedroom

they have amazingly affordable vintage clothing
& unique antiques & collectibles right in the
heart of downtown Buda...make sure to check 'em out

and them again....love this idea we've been seeing on Pinterest
such a fun piece I decided not to sell at this point....just for you to see

another work of art that's been in hiding staging one of our
homes we just sold....it's now back for viewing & for sale

a little round map art I love to add into a photo collection in a hallway

currently my largest work of art...made from a kitchen tabletop...check out our website (which totally needs updating)
The Grey Pear

I love to make unique rear view mirror jewelry
Some other vendors that I didn't get pictures of were:

Buda's Red Door (fabulous boutique in downtown Buda--a MUST drive all the way from Austin to see our town kinda feel
Salon 112: my hairdresser Liz was there offering $5 eyebrow waxes....a goofy video should be coming soon (come to me video editing person who will help lighten my load)
Armor of God Designs: my sweet friend Ashley who happens to be quite gifted & blessed
AOG Photography: same sweet friend with a talent for photography as well....she's unstoppable folks
Wildflour cakery & boutique: rockin bakery & fancy pants cakes in Buda---if you want her you've gotta book in advance!
Cindy from MaryKay was there as well as Creative Memories and Arrowhead Trading Co. with her handmade nightlight cigar boxes (see picture).
wow items for sure!

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