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Friday, August 24, 2012

BIG faith,,,BIG move....BIG trip

Lately I've been swamped, overwhelmed and bored all in the same little world I've created.  The boys are keeping me on my toes as always but since we've sold the house I've added sorting, decluttering, donating, giving & garage sale to my list of to-do's which must be complete in exactly ONE WEEK!  HA!!!!

I leave on a road trip to Iowa to visit my last living grandparent with my lovely Mama & 2 little boys in exactly 7 days ---roughly 18 hours in the car:)  Oh, and must be completely packed so my husband can move us into our new home while we're away.  Then
I come back and unpack, organize, paint, decorate then get caught up with clients.

As you can imagine I have several reasons for not blogging in the past couple weeks and I'd love to say I'm going to get better but maybe I'll have time to blog & create videos in October:)  Teasing, but really, for me blogging is much more than words on a page.  Why waste my time and yours if I don't have anything positive to say?  Better yet, why even sit down at the computer if I don't have at least ONE good picture to share.  For me pictures make all the difference & there have been times I've thrown a picture in that didn't even coincide with my story line just to give your eye some candy, so to speak.   Just like what I did here...as you can see the picture above has nothing to do with what I'm saying.

But wait....I can turn it around right here.  The picture above is of part of my BIG faith project I've been telling you about.  If you're new to my blog I'll just say that the house we're moving into now is just a temporary place to call home while we press toward our dream home.  To which I will say NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is impossible with God.  I believe it with my whole heart that He has big plans for us and for all those around us as we walk in His perfect will for our lives.  Time will tell what God has in store.

So let me encourage you tonight to dream BIG.  He has big plans for you so why don't you ask Him what they are and start walking toward them?  read HERE to find out more about all that.  Each day a little closer.

Love n hugs n BIG dreams to ya tonight!


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