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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

cutie pie-super easy apron

I told you a while back about a little thing I made for our Open House sponsors but I never showed you the pictures.  Well here is my step my step....what do you

I started with something easy ---actually bought it for a dollar 

sew a top & bottom hem on the fabric you want to add to the top
fold edges & lay fabric right on top of "nail apron" as Lowe's calls it

feel free to use a fun stitch for the corners or edges for durability
& visual interest

stitch straight through all fabric on the edges

line it up just right top & bottom---you can sew as many pockets
as you like & space them wherever you'd like....easy stuff y'all.

I used an old handkerchief as embellishment  

even used my dad's OLD iron which left a rusted vintage feel to the hanky
cut out the pattern from the hanky you want to iron onto the apron
notice the special stitching in the corners for durability
I used a contrasting color for added interest.

see the different size pockets I created?  I like space for
pencils & markers, my phone, notepad, calculator, measuring tape
and a whole lot of little bits....with this apron you'll have the pockets already made by Lowe's
then the front pockets with the added fabric...lots of room to play with.

Hope you like it & use one on your hips while creating art or dinner:)  Much love was used here so make sure to add your own!

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